Feldenkrais Session: A Pretzel In Sitting

Doing Feldenkrais In Public

Below is a somewhat weird, but enlightening, Feldenkrais session that can help you dramatically open up your ribs and spine. To do it, you will need a stable chair without wheels. Just click the link below. It will be fun. Only 31-minutes

You download this session for later use: click to download.

I do consider this an "advanced" session, so go very slowly and rest often. Rest more often than I ask you to in the session. And feel free to do just a few minutes of this one. AND - if you want to have some fun - consider doing parts of this session in areas of your life where you do not normally do Feldenkrais. Perhaps in a chair in your kitchen, in your home office. Maybe go on your back or front porch if you have one. But the effects of doing sessions in non-habitual contexts can be quite strong.