Breathing In All Directions (A Free Feldenkrais Session)

I have so much going on with my Easy Feldenkrais series and private Facebook group, that I am rarely posting publically on this blog. So, to rectify that a bit, here is a free Feldenkrais session for you. It is a recently re-recorded and updated version of what I call, "Breathing In All Directions." It is based on Moshe's Alexander Yanai #179, "To Weld By Breathing.

Feldenkrais and Feldenkrais purists, would likely not approve of my saying that the session is about breathing. And that it can potentially relieve a great deal of stress. Feldenkrais nearly always focused on the learning and awareness aspects of his sessions.

Nonetheless, over the several decades I have of doing Feldenkrais, this has been one of the most deeply relaxing sessions that I have done and others have mentioned that as well. I would even go as far as to say that people who have been "triggered" or have had some type of stress response or are having trouble focusing, or working can do this session as a way to relax and get re-focused and re-energized. Plus, it tends to open and expand the chest in all directions and it has a positive effect that many can feel for days.

As always - of course - your experience may differ.


You can download the session and add it to your personal Feldenkrais library by clicking the link below and doing FILE > SAVE AS on your internet browser. Then add it to iTunes, Windows Media Player or whatever else you may use: Download Breathing In All Directions.

If you are interested, and if you have read this far down the post, take a look at the 157+ Feldenkrais sessions that you can access on Easy Feldenkrais.

By the way - I call it "Easy Feldenkrais" not because the sessions are all easy (though many are), but rather because I make it very easy for people to use and do Feldenkrais. There are sessions on the site that are also posted on a private Facebook group and that I also send via email. You can literally just click the link in the emails that I send and it will start playing on your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.


I hope you are doing great out there.