Rhythmic Tapping: Feldenkrais At Esalen

Here is a free Feldenkrais session that you can stream or download. It is a session based on one from Moshe' famed 1972 Esalen training in California.

It has gentle movement variations that nearly anyone can do. Every time that I do it, it has a relaxing effect on my entire being that I cannot quite put into words...enjoy!

Here's a link to download for later use: Rhythmic Tapping.

It is from volume 2 of my Feldenkrais Classics series, which is based on the Esalen workshop.

The Esalen workshop was Moshe's first training in America. It was six-weeks and at the end, participants were allowed to call themselves, "Certified Awareness Through Movement Teachers." There were only 14-people in attendance. My understanding is that Moshe limited enrollment to those he had invited. There are those who currently do Feldenkrais and teach Feldenkrais who credit the Esalen workshop with a deep evolution of their ability to do the work.

Ian J. Grand, Ph.D. wrote a nice write-up of his time at Esalen with Moshe and the other attendees.



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