FAQ about Feldenkrais Downloads

For people who have purchased one of my downloadable Feldenkrais series or who are a member of my membership site, I have created this page of Questions and Answers.

Still under construction: More Q's and A's on the way. If your question is not answered, will you leave a comment below?

1. How do I download the sessions from the series that I bought or from a free session that I received from you?

The simplest way is click each link that you have in the emails that I send you. Each will open in your internet browser window. And then you can click File > Save As to save to your computer. You can watch this video to see the process in action:

The faster way is to click on the zip file in the email that came to you from Samcart: The email with the zip file will have "Order Receipt Email" in the subject line. The file will download and you can click it and add all the files at once to iTunes.

Does that help? If not, leave a comment below so that I can make this page better.

2. "I lost my downloads" or "My computer died and I no longer have your Feldenkrais sessions

The first step is to do a search of your email account to find the name of the products. Click the download links in the email to see if you can download the files again. If not, just send me an email with the product name and I will send you new download links.

3. Do the download links expire?

The links that you can use on your smartphone or tablet, do not expire. And I will do my best not to change or delete them so that you can keep on using them. Even so, it is best to download the files to your computer so that you have a more permanent copy for your personal Feldenkrais library.

4. I clicked the "zip" file and I get an error.

Sorry about that. My new shopping cart system only allows 6 days to download the file. And I am not able to change that. If you did not download the files in time, just reply to the email that I sent you and we will send you a new link to download the files.

Copyright, Teaching Feldenkrais, Using The Sessions in Your Workshops (Etc)

I get emails from time-to-time where a person asks if they can use one of my sessions in a class or workshop. Or they let me know that they want to do so and "give me credit." If you want to give me credit that is fine. But not required.

Use this work however you want to (according to your local laws and regulations). Some people will claim to own Feldenkrais or the right to use it and teach it. But that is - excuse my language - bullshit. No one owns Feldenkrais. Yes, some organizations make claim to own the service marked terms, such as "The Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education®." But no one - NO ONE - owns the movements.

Do what you want with them. Teach them in your Yoga classes, add them to your pilates work. Teach sessions in a study group. Do what you want. Just make sure that you do not use anyone's trademarked terms.

Here is a video that I made on the topic a while back:


Further questions? Feel free to click below and send me an email if you do not already have my email address: