Feldenkrais Podcasts by and with Ryan Nagy

Click any of the links below to get to my earliest and most popular podcasts. These were episodes that I did will a graduate student at the University of Utah from about 2006 to 2010.

The two conversations below with Mia Segal and her daughter Leora Gaster were recorded on April 14 -15 2010, at Leora's home in Austin, Texas. Mia Segal began working with Moshe Feldenkrais in 1957 and she has a rich history and understanding of Feldenkrais and his work that few can match: Feldenkrais Podcast With Mia Segal

One of Moshe's original "13 apostles," Ruthy speaks not only about the development and origination of her own work - Bones For Life - but also her beginnings with Moshe Feldenkrais: Ruthy Alon

In two conversations with Alan Questel he speaks about some of the new teaching and learning strategies that he is using in his latest Feldenkrais Training programs, as he explores several questions, including how to teach creativity: Alan Questel

Often called the "Feldenkrais Guild Historian, Bonnie Humiston has a wealth of information about the creation of the Feldenkrais Guild: Bonnie Humiston

In this conversation, I ask Dennis Leri a cluster of related questions. For example, what areas in which he thinks Moshe Feldenkrais might have "missed the boat" or was unclear in his ideas, and if there were "new ideas" that Moshe was formulating but never had the opportunity to develop: Denis Leri

Before Dr. Wildman left the Feldenkrais Guild system, he was one of the most prolific Feldenkrais Trainers having taught dozens of Feldenkrais Trainings in areas as such as the U.S., Japan, Australia and many countries in Europe: Frank Wildman

In my two conversations with Larry Goldfarb, we discuss what are the roles of research in a "systemic" methodology such as the Feldenkrais Method? Can research inform Feldenkrais practice? Is it possible that researchers are actually looking for Feldenkrais principles but do not know it? Larry Goldfarb

Two of my favorite episodes are with Marty Weiner. Marty was the main reason that I started podcasting. I met him at a Feldenkrais Conference and wanted a way to speak with him, so I came up with my podcast as a way to do so! Feldenkrais Podcast With Martin Wiener

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