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Better Breathing, Better Life! Amazing for DEEP relaxation and stress release. The positive feedback on these sessions is what convinced me to create and sell more downloadable Feldenkrais sessions.

Easy Eyes, Soft Eyes, Young Eyes As you do these 2 short (27-minute) Feldenkrais sessions and the (even shorter) bonus session, you may be surprised at how much strain and stress you let go of...and how much easier you can focus and work.

Easy Eyes Volume 2 Apart from turning back the clock on the aging process, we carry around a great deal of habitual tension in our eyes, especially those of us who work at computers, use smartphones, do any type of habitual movement where we're staring at a screen. I think you'll be very surprised at how much relaxation will cascade through your body and mind...

Easy Eyes, Volumes 3: Advanced (But Gentle) This is Volume 3 of the Feldenkrais Eye sessions, but you can do this independently of the others and even if you are new to the work. It contains some highly unique and very rare sessions from way back in Feldenkrais history.

Easy Feldenkrais Volume 1. Created for people with chronic pain issues, they are also designed to be done by you whatever your age and ability - even if you are completely new to the work - and - if you do not have much time. All sessions are 34-minutes or less. Great for beginners.

Eliminate Back Pain Now . Downloaded and used 1000's of times. These sessions can help you move out of back pain and strain - (and also stop it from developing it in the first place).

Advanced Feldenkrais (Alexander Yanai), V1 These sessions go WAY back into Feldenkrais history, starting in the 1950's when Feldenkrais was entering a phase of deep creativity. Normally available to only those who have attended and completed a 4-year Feldenkrais training, I am now making these rare and highly valuable sessions available to a wider audience.

Alexander Yanai Chair Sessions (Advanced). Long, complicated and REALLY cool. Check them out.

Rare Feldenkrais (AY): Walking With Ease, Power, And Grace These Feldenkrais sessions done in a standing position will not only make you feel taller and more erect in general but also help you keep your balance and walk with more ease and power. They are based on a series of Alexander Yanai sessions taught by Moshe at his studio in Israel many years ago.

Body/Mental Imagery and Attention. The audio sessions in this downloadable Feldenkrais-based product mainly involve concentration and focus on the different parts of your body. Thus, anyone can do them regardless of experience with Feldenkrais and regardless of physical ability. They range from 4 to 40 minutes, so you can find a session that fits into your schedule and time-frame

Flexible Spine and Ribs Four simple, Four intermediate, and one advanced session (nine in all). Done while lying on your side. Keeping your spine and ribs flexible is one of the greatest things you can do to keep yourself active and independent.

The Feldenkrais Classics are the best-selling Feldenkrais series in the world. BUT - I must say - they are not easy sessions. I only recommend that you buy them if you have some experience with Feldenkrais, do not have many physical limitations, and are comfortable experimenting on your own.

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Use these sessions how you want to - in your own time and own way - in the privacy of your own home or office. Wherever you would like! No need to drive to a class or attend an expensive training.

These feldenkrais downloads are in mp3 format and are 100% compatible with all music players and computer operating systems. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. After using them if you do not like them or do not want to keep them, just send me an email. (contact form here) I have a "No Questions Asked" Refund Policy.