Feldenkrais Downloads

The absolute best way to experience Feldenkrais and what I offer you is to subscribe to the Easy Feldenkrais Private Membership site. It is low-cost, high-quality and you will have direct access to me via my private Facebook group and occasional live video calls.

But I realize that not everyone is ready to do that. So you may want to try some of my downloadable and streamable Feldenkrais products such as:

Easy Eyes, Soft Eyes, Young Eyes As you do these 2 short (27-minute) Feldenkrais sessions and the (even shorter) bonus session, you may be surprised at how much strain and stress you let go of...and how much easier you can focus and work.

Easy Feldenkrais Volume 1. They are designed to be done by you whatever your age and ability - even if you are completely new to the work - and - if you do not have much time. All sessions are 34-minutes or less. Good for beginners.

The Feldenkrais Classics are the best-selling Feldenkrais series in the world. BUT - I must say - they are not easy sessions. I only recommend that you buy them if you have some experience with Feldenkrais, do not have many physical limitations and are comfortable experimenting on your own.