Feldenkrais Pain-Relief (While Sitting!)

Looks comfy but this can cause pain! Ouch, not a great way to sit long term.
Looks comfy but this can cause pain! Ouch, not a great way to site long term.
I just had a few minutes of intense stress and overhwelm. I felt like I was going to crawl out of my skin. Likely because I have had a bit too much "computer time" and not enough relaxation time over the last few weeks. Has this happened to you recently?

I decided to do one of my own Feldenkrais sessions to see if it would help. Something I could do right away, while I was siting and without the need for any special preparations. I feel 1000% better and more relaxed after doing this - the first session of my "Feldenkrais Basics" series. I have put the session below if you want to give it a try.

You can do all or part of the session. It is less than 28-minutes. No need to prepare: Just do.


Or download: Feldenkrais Sitting Session #1
If you enjoyed that, it is part of a 5-session series, that includes transcripts. (see below)

"Ryan, I just finished listening to the 4th session from your sitting series. I've had some lower back pain and discomfort for more than a month. It has been bad enough to disturb my sleep. After this 4th session, I can already feel more comfort and less discomfort. Incredible. And the best part is that the process is enjoyable, not requiring any painful exercises or stretching. It feels like a natural process of healing. Thanks Ryan." - Rob McNeilly, MD, Hobart, Australia

Feldenkrais In Sitting: Take Some Time To RELAX

There are 5 sessions in total. They are all done while sitting and they will help you sit more comfortably and increase your concentration while working...these session are especially wonderful if you spend any length of time working at a desk...

(FYI: They are also fantastic for getting rid of back pain and strain).

This downloadable Feldenkrais mp3 series includes:

  • Integrated Turning, Right and Left (If you teach this a great demo session)
  • Opening and Folding (Wonderful if you tend to "slouch" or lean forward at your desk)
  • Bending to the Side (Yummy! Will make you relax....)
  • Full Body Integration (Combines all 3 session above with some unique variations)
  • Shoulder Rotation in Sitting (The "Eroll Flynn" from Esalen and elsewhere. Awesome lesson)

Download all sessions right now, including FREE transcripts of the sessions (great if you are practitioner, saves you a ton of time preparing to teach). All the sessions are under 30 minutes and can be done during lunch or a break, while at work, or in your home office...or wherever you can sit and move comfortably for a bit...

Feldenkrais In Sitting

All 5-Sessions With Free Transcripts $19.99

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  1. Ryan, I used to have your Feldenkrais chair program on CD. I loaned that out and have lost track of it. Is it possible to get it on CD again? (I’m pretty old and old-fashioned). Thanks.

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