Free Feldenkrais Course

Get rid of pain and strain in your body and mind while sitting in a chair. Relax. Make deeper contact with yourself...

You will get 5 simple and gentle Feldenkrais audio sessions that you can do while sitting in a chair.

- They will come to you via email (one per day).
- They are also in a course area (no login required)
- Just click to play.
- And transcripts are included.
- Stream the sessions online or download to keep on your computer.

Again, the sessions are gentle and beginner friendly and can be done while sitting in a chair.

And yes, it really is free. No credit card or payment information required. You will have access to the course immediately upon registration.


  1. I may have these froom when I was a paid student but thank you.

    Anchorage Alaska

  2. Hi Jim – Great to hear from you. Yes, you have these! Thanks for letting me know. Might be time to create and release a few new ones.


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