1. Dear Ryan,

    I have tried to get in contact with you Greetings from Bolivia. I work with Fundación Familias Saludables in marginal urban neighborhoods of Cochabamba Bolivia. One of our programs is with boys and girls that have been victims of sexual violence. Incest is a massive problem and there is a very strong conspiracy of silence and complicity from government and society. We have high demand of help but very constrain resources. Traditional approach for trauma such as psychoanalysis of cognitive behavioral therapies will require many, many psychologists that will require huge resources. We have a variety of group activities for children and youth with somatotherapy strategies to facilitate the progressive integration of the life of these children. It si exciting to see how valuable these strategies are and how this strategies activates their won healing capacities. We have tried to apply some Feldenkrais activities.
    I got chance to read a webpage of you “what if Dr. Feldenkrais were to say to you”. Because our language is Spanish we wonder if you may have some materials in Spanish. They will be of incredible help for children and youth here.
    I hope this mail will reach you.

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