Free Feldenkrais Sessions

Many of the Feldenkrais sessions on this page were recorded in my Jeep in Mexico.

Free Feldenkrais? Why not! I am gathering together many of the free Feldenkrais downloads that I have sent out or posted over the last 10 years or so and also adding many new ones. You can call them Feldenkrais sessions, lessons, or exercises as you choose! Perhaps one or more will be useful to you or someone else in your world?

If you want to go deeper, I have many downloadable series at my Feldenkrais store: Details here.

NEWEST Session November 23rd: Your "Dominant" Hand (lying on the floor)

This is an especially useful session if you have pain or strain in your hand or shoulder or simply want to relax. This session is very gentle, deeply relaxing, and suitable for anyone. The first time that I did it years ago, I nearly cried as I could simply not believe how much strain that I had been carrying around in my fingers without realizing it.

Download: Your Dominant Hand

By the way, the session above takes about 39-minutes, but you do not have to do it all to benefit from it. Just a few minutes can make a big difference.

Surgeon's Hands (sitting)

Here we have a short, gentle session (31-minutes) that you can do sitting in a chair, preferably in front of a desk where you can rest your elbows from time-to-time. Near the end of the session, I will ask you to touch your hand to your eyelids. You may want to wash your hands first or skip that part if you would rather not touch your face.

Download Surgeon's Hands.

Gentle Shoulder Circles (on side)

It is a relatively short (31-minutes) and very gentle session done while lying on your side. It is from my Feldenkrais Pain Relief Series. It is called, "Shoulder Circles" and is awesome for reducing strain and pain in the shoulder and neck area:

Download: Gentle Shoulder Circles

Softening Your Spine And Ribs (on side)

This can do some crazy and wonderful things to your back and spine. Enjoy!

Check out the entire series, called, "A Flexible Spine and Ribs."

I. Feldenkrais Sessions You Can Do While Sitting in a Chair

1. SHORT session: Bending Side To Side (15-minutes)

A lovely, gentle little session about bending side-to-side. It can help you find new movements and possibilities in your neck, spine, pelvis, and back. A short, but powerful session.

Download Bending Side To Side.

2. Working with your pelvic floor in sitting.

Here is a link to a free feldenkrais audio session in sitting where you can work with and feel the muscles in your pelvic floor. Only 34-minutes. Grab a chair and have fun! Part of my pelvic floor series:

Download Pelvic Floor in Sitting.

3. A Pretzel In Sitting (Based on AY 150)

A somewhat weird but enlightening Feldenkrais session that can help you dramatically open up your ribs and spine. To do it, you will need a stable chair without wheels. Just click the link below. It will be fun. Only 31-minutes.

Download: A Pretzel in Sitting

4. Scanning The Bones (9-minutes)

A 9-minute scanning session that you can do while sitting in a chair. Enjoy!

Download Scanning The Bones

The session is also on YouTube:

5. 5-Minute Session: Making Contact

This is a very short session that may surprise you. Take all the time that you want to enjoy it:

II. Feldenkrais Sessions Done While Lying Down

1. "Breathing In All Directions" [deeply relaxing]

A short (26-minute) but very potent session called, "to weld by breathing" and also called "breathing in all directions." Probably the session that has gotten the most positive feedback over the years. It is great for getting rid of stress and anxiety and helping you to relax deeply. Give it a go?

Click to download Breathing In All Directions.

From my better breathing, better life series.

2. "Bell Hand" [another deeply relaxing session]

This is a short version (26-minutes) of a classic and important Feldenkrais session called, "The Bell Hand." It can be profoundly relaxing deep into your motor cortex. Suitable for everyone.

3. "Activating The Pelvic Floor"

31-minutes, done while lying down. A relatively gentle Feldenkrais session that can have some powerful effects. Would love your feedback on this one! And feel free to share with anyone who wants to give it a go...

Click to download: Activating The Pelvic Floor.

4. Seeing Your Heels [advanced]

I thought this was fun - a 22-second video version of a session based on one of Moshe Feldenkrais's famed Alexander Yanai sessions, called "Seeing the Heels." By Paul Pui Wo Lee a Guild-Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner who works all over the world these days.

And if you would like, below the video is a complete version of the session (34-minutes) by myself, Ryan Nagy.

Remember - the video below is speeded up, when you do the session via my audio go s-l-o-w-l-y and g-e-n-t-l-y. 😀

Click below to play and do Ryan's session based on Alexander Yanai 2: Seeing Your Heels (34 minutes). You will need a place to lie down. Go slow and only do what is comfortable. Do not do any movement that is uncomfortable or painful to you.

Download: Seeing Your Heels.

If you are intrigued and want to do some Feldenkrais Alexander Yanai session in the comfort of you own home, check out: Alexander Yanai Volume 1.

5. Rhythmic Tapping: Feldenkrais At Esalen [gentle and relaxing]

This is a session based on one from Moshe' famed 1972 Esalen training in California. Called, "Rhythmic Tapping," it can have a deeply relaxing effect on your entire nervous system. It has gentle movement variations that nearly anyone can do...enjoy!

Click to download: Rhythmic Tapping: Feldenkrais At Esalen

It is from volume 2 of my Feldenkrais Classics series, which is based on the Esalen workshop.

III. Feldenkrais Sessions That You Can Do While Standing

There is a tendency to think of Feldenkrais as something that you do while lying down.

But there are many standing Feldenkrais sessions.

And they are fantastic for improving your balance, stability, and ease in walking and standing. If my grandmother had access to Feldenkrais sessions like these, I think she would have stayed active and mobile for years longer than she did.

If you want to try one that can have an immediate positive impact on your walking and balance, just click the link below to play. It will only take you about 27-minutes to do it. And you do not even have to do the whole session to enjoy the benefits.

It is called:

1. "The basis of hopping, part 1,"

and it is based on a session from Moshe's famed "Alexander Yanai" sessions:

Download The Basis of Hopping, Part One.

From my two popular walking series: Walking With Ease, Power, And Grace.

2. Feldenkrais Alexander Yanai #88 Circles In Standing [rest often, a challenging session]

A lovely session that goes way back into Feldenkrais history. I first posted it on January 1st, 2020 but Feldenkrais taught a version in the 1950s! Lower your arms and rest MORE than I ask you to do in the session. If you are short on time, just do the first 15 minutes of this session. No need to lie down! You can start in standing. Click below to play?

Click to download Feldenkrais Circles In Standing

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Note: In the past, I would have titles this page, "Free recorded Awareness Through Movement®" lessons or ATM sessions, for short. However those terms are owned by the Feldenkrais Guild of North America. And though I am eligible to be a Guild member, I have chosen not to.


  1. Thanks Ryan once again for your generosity of a nice variety of lessons. Based on your photo in the Jeep, quarantine seems to agree with you. Looking great!

  2. Thanks Steven. Always good to hear from you. Though I must say, at this point quarantine is getting a bit draining! I hope you are doing well out there…


  3. Thanks for the free audio sessions.
    I attended my first 2 week workshop over 30 years ago here in Australia and fell in love with it.
    Continue to attend classes or workshops until developed CFS/ ME.
    So these session are much appreciated.

  4. Thanks for leaving a comment Carol. It is good to know that people are using and enjoying the sessions. So sorry to hear about the CFS/ME diagnosis. But glad that you are doing your best to stay active and engaged.



  5. I love listening to the different ways practitioners present a lesson. Your descriptions of each lesson are well written too. Thanks for your generosity Ryan.

  6. Hi Ryan, I am so in awe of your generosity of spirit in sharing, not only these sessions at no cost, but also the more than reasonably priced, huge body of work you have and are developing. Thank you, SO much. I dont know what I would have done without them. I also appreciate your accessibility. My questions are always answered across the waves, super duper fast. Thank you just doesnt seem enough, but its all I got 🙂 Alyson

  7. Thanks Alyson! Giving away some sessions seemed like the right thing to do with so many of us at home and stressed out! I will be putting more up soon. Peace! – Ryan

  8. Thanks Phil. I appreciate that. Truth be told, I tend to read and put into practice a lot of ideas about marketing. Descriptions are important to help people understand and use the work. 🙂

    Peace. I hope you are doing well out there.


  9. Hi Ryan, a very big thank you for these sessions. I’m doing an online Nervous system course at the moment for Trauma when I was a child.. your sessions will be a great help for me !!.. ?

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