respect it, don’t “fix” it – Tom Purvis

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is forcing symmetry. Humans are not symmetrical. - Tom Purvis

My favorite video find of the year, though the video is from 2015. It was created for physical therapists, and rehabilitation professionals and is highly useful for Feldenkrais fans.

There are both structural limitations (think: bone and skeletal) and learned limitations in your body and movement. And many of the structural limitations are simply NOT amenable to change. And they function fine and do not need to be changed. No need to force a certain movement, exercise or stretching routine on yourself. And no need to let someone else force it on you.

...much of it is exactly the way you're supposed to be. And your body has spent your entire life orchestrating your motor recruitment solutions around this internal reality.

Respect it, Don’t “Fix” it – Tom Purvis

Special thanks to Ryan Hoffman. Ryan posted the video on his Facebook page and that is how I discovered it.


  1. Now that’s what I should post on my FB group fo malocclusions and posture sufferers! They are all obsessed with symmetry! While we should care for function most. Thank you.

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