Feldenkrais for Eye Strain Relief and Improving Vision

Feldenkrais sessions at a coffee shop? Why not.
I am in the process of creating a new downloadable Feldenkrais series. This one is focused on using Feldenkrais strategies for reducing eye strain.

In the process of researching, creating, and doing the exercises, I felt like my vision was improving. But not enough to change my prescription. It is a very strange experience for me, as I have been doing Feldenkrais for over 20 years. I would have thought that I would have already changed or improved my vision by doing the work. However, as I get deeper and deeper into the topic of the use of the eyes in movement and action, I realize that I knew relatively little about Feldenkrais and the eyes.

Feldenkrais and Eye Strain Reduction

The main change in my vision is the reduction in tension in and around my eyes. I feel a sensation of lightness and relaxation around my eyes that I have never felt. I believe the tension reduction is largely a function of the reduction in strain and stress in my eye muscles. Most of the Feldenkrais strategies that I am experimenting with involve separating the movement of the eyes from the movement of the body. That is, moving the eyes and head in opposite directions and fixing the eyes on certain objects in the environment while moving the body. These are movements that we do not generally do in day-to-day life.

Unless you are a Feldenkrais practitioner or other type of somatic practitioner, you may not have noticed that your eyes generally lead your movement. I think - though I am not sure - that moving my eyes and head and body in opposing directions has relaxed habitual tension that had built up from my eyes muscles rigidly contracting and focusing on objects that do not move, such as computer screen. I also feel a reduction in tension in my neck and shoulders.

I still have a great deal of work to do before creating the product and releasing it on my websites and on iTunes and Amazon. I have created transcripts of the first 4 sessions with an unknown number still to come. I will likely post a free session on this blog and announce the release of the product here first. Sign-up to the blog to get notifications:

Released: Easy Eyes, Volume 1 and Volume 2 and Volume 3.

Update: January,23rd, 2021. My desire and need to reduce my eye strain has continued since I first wrote this post.

- Ryan