Feldenkrais and Pain Relief

Easy Feldenkrais CD CoverI am a little embarrassed to admit this but for years and years, I did not understand how Feldenkrais sessions helped eliminate pain. I was under the impression that Feldenkrais "relaxed my muscles" and that the relaxation "made the pain go away."

Ok, fine. There is a BIT of truth to that.

But it is more accurate to say that Feldenkrais helps your body and mind find new and more efficient options for movement. And once the new options are found, your body does not need to "over effort." Pain tends to dissipate because you start to move how you are biologically intended to move.

Relaxation is a kind of healthy side effect of moving better.

And strangely enough, so is the pain relief.

Pain is a signal that there is something that we need to pay attention to, a potential danger to our physical self.

Feldenkrais sessions can give you the feedback to help your body re-organize and move easier so that pain simply does not need to occur.

So....if this interests you and you would like to discover more of your ability to move pain-free, check out my Easy Feldenkrais Pain Relief sessions.