Easy Eyes, Soft Eyes, Young Eyes

Do your eyes need a vacation from your smartphone and computer?!

Simple, Powerful Feldenkrais Sessions You Can Do While Sitting In A Chair

Eye strain is a major source of tension in today's world. And especially when it gets habitual, the muscles in and around our eyes can become rigid and cause strain and tension throughout our entire body (sometimes without us even realizing it!)

Where does it come from? Most of us spend WAY too much time staring at screens such as those found on smartphones, tablets, computers, and televisions.

Easy Eyes, Soft Eyes, Young Eyes

What we're doing here in "Soft Eyes, Young Eyes" is beginning the process of relaxing the muscles in and around the eyes and building in some more flexibility and relaxation for you.

As you do these 2 short (27-minute) Feldenkrais sessions and the (even shorter) bonus session, you may be surprised at how much strain and stress you let go of...and how much easier you can focus and work.

  • Your eyes and the muscles around your eyes begin to relax.
  • Your eyes begin to move more easily.
  • And surprise - you may start to feel taller.** And even eliminate neck strain.

**Why taller? Because the muscles in your neck become "unwound" and flexible and your head and neck become more aligned. The movements of the eyes and head are related. Relax one and you almost always relax the other.

I call these sessions, "Soft Eye, Young Eyes" and they will help you with very important interrelated functions of your eyes:

1) To look toward something: You will discover easier ways to physically orient your eyes towards objects in your environment.

2) To actually change the shape of the lens in your eyes to focus on objects at different distances away from you. (very powerful).

Because the lens of our eyes are flexible and elastic, the muscles can change the shape of the lens to focus on objects. The subtle eye-shape-changes that you create in these sessions are where I get the "soft eyes" from. Because after doing them people report feeling like their eyes are softer and younger! Perhaps you will too.

Here's What You Will Get

Relaxing The Eyes, Part 1 (27 minutes)

Done while sitting in a chair, this session can be so subtle that you might not realize - at first - how much it is affecting not only the movement but the SHAPE of your eyes. I am looking forward to seeing how you like it.

Relaxing The Eyes, Part 2 (27 minutes)

This sitting session adds some more small and unique eye-head and eye-neck patterns that will increase your ability to see with ease and relax your eyes. And hey - if you feel TALLER afterward, that is a free bonus and you can send me an email and tell me about it!

Bonus: A Ball In Front Of The Eyes (17 minutes)

This short session is one that you can do sitting just about anywhere. And once you do it, you will find that you can easily do parts of it on your own.

As will make sense after you do the first few minutes of this audio, I created it several years ago while traveling by bus in Mexico. I had become somewhat frustrated because I was having some eye strain that I could not get rid of - even with Feldenkrais. And I came up with a hypothesis that it was not the movement of the eyes per se but movement WITHIN the eyes. I did the "movements" in the session and my eye strain disappeared instantly. And then when I was done, I recorded the sessions above.

Transcripts, transcripts, transcripts.

Word-for-word written transcripts of the sessions. Very useful if you want to teach these sessions yourself or if English is not your first language.


Note: As you get more and more comfortable with these movements in these sessions, you may discover that you can stop for a moment and do some of them during the day or night - even for just a few seconds. Finding that you can relax and improve the functioning of your eyes in just a few short minutes. And later in just a few short seconds. Enjoy!

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