Feldenkrais Pain Relief Step-By-Step

I want to share with you a session that can help you get rid of strain, that you didn't even know that you had in your neck and spine.

Interested? You can do just the first 5 to 10. minutes of the audio session below and you will benefit. Though watch the video first!

The session is even gentler and more subtle than the majority of Feldenkrais sessions because I was teaching it in an infancy and childhood development class that had a huge variety of ages and abilities. I created the session so that everyone would have a really good chance of being able to do the session and get a relaxing and illuminating experience out of it:

You can do the session on your back on a mat on the floor or in bed.

Intro: Feldenkrais Pain and Strain Relief Neck & Spine

And then click to play the Feldenkrais session:

You can do this session on your back on a mat on the floor or in bed.

By the way, you may not only find it relaxing, you might even feel a little taller after you have done it. Go slow, only do what is comfortable, and feel free to start the session without the need to finish it.

The session is from my Feldenkrais Pain-Relief Series which is currently available on a sliding scale. More info on this link: Feldenkrais Pain Relief course.