You Got What You Wanted. Now What?

Over that last few years I have gotten very good at writing for specific groups of people and gaining an audience, writing for the search engines to get higher rankings, and creating highly-focused 1-page websites (sometimes called, "landing pages" or "sales pages.") that are damn good at creating sales. I get income from dozens of sources from online conferences to mp3 sales and affiliate payments. I had a goal of creating 100% of my income online thus allowing me the luxury of living wherever I want. I am there. I live in a beautiful, cultured and safe city in southern, Mexico and I will likely be moving to another spanish-speaking city very soon.

And now what?

I must admit that I am getting bored. Though I do have plenty of free time to learn spanish, read, relax and generally screw around as I choose, I am finding that my business still takes up too much of my time. Even worse, some of the joy of blogging has left me. I sometimes feel constrained by sticking to a particular theme or topic. I have all kind of random thoughts and observations that fit nowhere in my little online empire and thus get no airtime.

Sounds like now may be a good time to shake things up.

How about you? Interested in moving things around in your life?


  1. Hi Ryan,

    I’d be very interested to hear a little more about the story of your life. In your August 11 blog – Sex, drugs and Feldenkrais – you told us a little about your adventures in the 80s, but for some odd reason you ‘fast forwarded’ halfway through, just as I was beginning to enjoy the read.

    And thanks for the great work you’ve been doing!

    Martijn, The Netherlands

  2. Hi Ryan, I’d be interested in knowing how you are using Feldenkrais to adjust to living in Mexico, or is this an inane question? At any rate, wondering what if anything you miss about USA, do you feel an affinity to the culture, how hard is it to learn Spanish for you, do you cling to your North of the border habits even though South of the border? Of course I’m asking for personal reasons, long contemplating Mexico as a place where I could still teach Feldenkrais and Bones for Life and be ‘semi-ritired’ and live withing my paltry ss check! Not that your experience would be mine, and I am interested in YOUR experience!
    All the zest!

  3. Hi Martijn – Thanks for the comment. More of my personal life will start slowly making it in my writing…I feel it coming!

    Thanks again,


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