Easy Eyes, Volume 2

Doing eye sessions at my local Coffee Shop

Keeping your eye movements soft and flexible helps you stay mobile and independent as you age. Helps you keep your balance and prevent falls. AND helps keep your neck and spine flexible and soft

Feldenkrais said that your vision can improve by doing Feldenkrais eye sessions. To be honest, I am skeptical of that claim. I do not think that my vision has improved by doing Feldenkrais. But it certainly has helped keep my eyes young, relaxed, and stress-free. I think it can do the same for you.

Apart from turning back the clock on the aging process, we carry around a great deal of habitual tension in our eyes, especially those of us who work at computers, use smartphones, do any type of habitual movement where we're staring at a screen. I think you'll be very surprised at how much relaxation will cascade through your body and mind...

Easy Eyes, Volume 2

1. Covering The Eyes (A Classic and Important Session)

Feel the stress melt off your face and eyes and body as you do this session. It is based on an early Alexander Yanai session, AY 10 called "Covering the Eyes." It has been the genesis of MANY later sessions by Moshe's students. In fact, it has been turned into an entire day-long workshop. Suitable for everyone. Once you get the hang of this session, you can do it just about anywhere in any position.

2. Keep Your Eyes On The Ball

This is a fantastic session that has a huge number of non-habitual and unique eye movements. It will help you keep your eyes flexible, soft, and young. It helps your eyes move faster and to orient to un-expected movements in your environment. And it FEELS good. A real pleasure. It is done while lying down. But once you do it a few times, you will be able to adapt the session and do parts of it while sitting and standing.

3. Eyes And Hands

A gentle session, almost like a prayer, that is done sitting comfortably on the floor and while lying down. Can also be done in bed. This session helps your eyes move independently of your neck and spine and hand movements so that you have an easier time orienting to the environment.

4. Easy Eyes And Turning

Short, simple, and very useful. It can improve the functioning of your neck, spine, and eyes. Only 32-minutes. Based on the session recorded by Feldenkrais himself, called "An Easy Start," Feldenkrais envisioned it being done by senior citizens in bed! As you might imagine he thought it an important session that needed to be done gently, so go slowly, please...

5. Advanced: AY Continuation Until The Eyes

A fascinating session as nearly all the movements come from commonly taught Feldenkrais sessions, but put together in very unique ways. This is a session done primarily lying on the back and the side. It's from Alexander Yanai. 466 with a title called "Continuation until the Eyes." Use pads whenever you need to - under your head when you're on your back, under your head when you're on your side (etc). Again, it is an advanced session, so go slow and only do what you can do without strain.

Transcripts of the sessions are included at no additional cost. The sessions are formatted for easy reading and for teaching the sessions.

Special Bonuses: Jaw and Eye Connections

I am including at no additional cost several sessions (with transcripts) that help to relax the face, eyes, and jaw and have a beneficial effect on our eyes and eye movements. These are all relatively short sessions (30 minutes or less) and are very easy to do lying down or in bed.

1. Eyes and Jaw Integration (Helps to eliminate eye strain and jaw strain)
2. Primary Movements of the Jaw
3. Shoulder, Neck and Jaw Connections
4. Head and Jaw Integration (Crucial if you work at a computer or desk for long periods)

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