One of my favorite Alexander Yanai Sessions (AY 61)

Alexander Yanai book coversHere is a wonderful (and free) audio Feldenkrais session that you can do right now. No need to enter your email, just click below to play.

It is based on a session from "Alexander Yanai" (or AY as they are sometimes called). This is one of my all time favorite sessions. And that has little to do with the session itself but what it did to me when I first did it: It opened up the ribs on my right side in a way that I had never experienced. It was practically a religious experience for me!

I think my ribs had been contracted on that side since early childhood (maybe even since before birth?). And - WOW - It brought out some intense feelings. But of course your experience will be different.

Alexander Yanai #61: Arms in a circle above the head; on the back with soles of the feet facing each other.

This is a Feldenkrais session that can be done by a wide variety of people. It involves being on the back and having your hands above your head and on the floor. If you can do that comfortably you can do this session*. Give it a go?

Click here to download a copy that you can keep in your personal Feldenkrais library.

On the private area of, I am getting deeper and deeper into recording and sharing sessions based on Feldenkrais' work at his studio on Alexander Yanai street in Israel. (You can find a bit of AY history here.)

I have recorded and posted well over thirty AY sessions and add 2-3 new ones every month on average.

*If any part of this session is painful to you, stop immediately. Alternately you can do less so the pain stops or simply do the sessions in your imagination. This session should never cause any stress or strain in your body. If at anytime during this session or any other session, if you feel the need to rest, then just rest.