Feldenkrais History

I have created quite a few blog posts over the years about some of the history regarding Feldenkrais and his work. They paint a different picture of what happened after Moshe's death than what some of his students have reported. Over the coming weeks and months, I will begin to add links to those posts here as well as additional commentary.

Early Training History

Mia Segal was the first person that Moshe taught how to do his work. That is she was the first person he taught to be a Feldenkrais practitioner. Later Moshe started a training with 13 people, many of who had been doing the sessions at the Alexander Yanai studio (see link below). According to Ruthy Alon (reference? podcast?) the group was limited to 13-people because that was the most that could fit comfortably in his training room!

Alexander Yanai Sessions

A big part of Feldenkrais history, are the "Alexander Yanai sessions." I have been recording and posting quite a few sessions based on what Moshe was teaching at his Alexander Yanai studio in Israel. But I have realized that quite a few people do not know of Alexander Yanai, so I have created this page to give my perspective.