Feldenkrais With Alfons: Getting Better Day By Day

I was really excited a few days ago when I saw that my longtime friend, colleague and fellow "Feldenkrais Evangelist" Alfons Grabher had released a new book: Feldenkrais With Alfons: Getting Better Day By Day.

Alfons does what I do - travels the world (He is an Austrian currently traveling in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China and I am a Gringo in Mexico), has cool adventures and experiments with ways to share Feldenkrais ideas and strategies. That's why I felt compelled to contact him to work out a way to support the release of his latest book.

Getting Better Day By Day, is unique in that it breaks with "Feldenkrais Orthodoxy" and teaches the work via photos that show the Feldenkrais positions and movements. Many of my students and people who have bought my own products have asked me to do something similar. I have resisted doing so because I prefer to learn and teach via audio sessions and live classes. And Feldenkrais himself, rarely demonstrated the "correct" position. He preferred that each individual understand the sessions based on his or her own sensory motor understandings. Feldenkrais did not want people to "copy" another person's movement.

Even so, I am very grateful that Alfon's has decided to release his book because so many people want visual/pictoral instructions for the work. And they can really benefit from the additional feedback. And it is SO important for Feldenkrais practitioners to keep experimenting with ways to share and teach the work.

So..if this type of thing interests you, please take a look at Alfon's book at: