More Media Love For Feldenkrais (The “F” Word)

Several Feldenkrais practitioners told me that they do not like the tone of the article below from the U.K. Telegraph, but I love it! Slightly irreverent and 100% positive for Feldenkrais (from my point of view).

"I was seeing the best physios in the world – and doing Pilates,” he recalls of his injuries, yet improvements were elusive. “They weren’t causing me pain, but I lost what made me good at sport – speed and ability to react.

“In my first Feldenkrais session, I was moved in ways that invited my pelvis to sync up with my head again, and I floated off that couch.” He says that inaugural meeting still has the edge over fatherhood as “the most powerful moment” of his life."

Here is the link again: The truth about Feldenkrais, the movement method fans call 'wizardry'