Feldenkrais, Politics and Independence (Feldenkrais Video)

I get occasional emails and Facebook comments about why I blog about the Feldenkrais Guild history and other topics about the politics and infighting in the Feldenkrais community. Well, I can tell you in one word: Independence. The various political ideals and mythology about Moshe Feldenkrais and his work conspire to limit the emotional, intellectual and financial independence of practititioners. And ultimately limit the speed of the growth and adoption of the method itself. Here is a short video on the topic.


  1. I always like your posts Ryan. Not because i always agree. You look from a different point of view which embodies the method.

  2. Thanks a bunch Phil. For the record, I do have doubts from time-t0-time about what I am doing….but only sometimes. I think we need a good grasp of the history and the consequences of our individual and group decisions.



  3. i am fed up with 5 minute lessons on u tube. why don’t u do online video classes and charge money for them .lavinia plonka is doing that .not meaning to be rude but she makes me nervous with her head its all over the place.and her hands,even pics of her have her head leaning to one side, i know your head has got to move but not like that,I’m just being honest it bobs all over the place and her shoulders are always reaching up to her ears. thats why i not going to her. dr.wildman has a 2 hour free video on his site i do frequently, i would like more choice.thanks robina

  4. Thanks for the feedback Robina. Online video classes are on the way…stay tuned and come back to this website to learn more. cheers!


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