RE: “Feldenkrais” License And Copyright Notice

I thought about calling this post "Steal My Feldenkrais Sessions" but...I was afraid people might take me literally. However, the point remains...

I have email conversations on a regular basis on what people can or cannot do with the products and transcripts that I sell. After 8 years of selling online and having these conversations, I have decided it is time to formalize my views and what you can or cannot do with the work that I sell.

The short form is this:

You can pretty much do what you want with my Feldenkrais downloads and products as long as you do not duplicate or sell the original files. Use them in your own products, workshops and classes. Re-Record them. Remix them. Edit them. Whatever. Give attribution to me or Moshe Feldenkrais if you want to. If you do not want to, there is no legal requirement to do so. That's it.

The long form (two pages) is here: License_to_Use_These_Feldenkrais_Products.

Enough said?


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