Feldenkrais: Massive Price Increase In Less Than 48 Hours…

Hi there...About 60 minutes ago, I logged into my shopping cart system to increase the prices on all of the Feldenkrais downloads that I sell on my Feldenkais Store. But as I got ready to do so, I felt a twinge of anxiety and I realized I should probably tell everyone before I do so.

I have been selling my Feldenkrais downloads online for nearly 8 years now and this is my first price raise. Actually it is more than just a "raise." I am doubling all my prices. Yep. Everything is going up by 100% or more...

When I first began creating and selling Feldenkrais products, I was a PhD student at the University of Utah. I was good at "working the system" and I was able to get grants to learn technology and web design and such. I got a grant to put a psychology class online...and of course, I did not tell the folks that I had already created the class (hahaha). So when I got the grant I had 3 full months to relax and play and create my first Feldenkrais series "Eliminate Back Pain Now." Later I received another grant from the Psych Dept and did something similar. I also started recording Feldenkrais sessions and integrating them into my online and live classes in LifeSpan developmental psychology.

Anyway, the long and short of it is I was PAID to create my Feldenkrais sessions (how cool is that?) and I was able to keep costs down. Eight years later, my hosting costs have gone up. I have a much better sense of how powerful my teaching is and how powerful the work is and the prices need to reflect that.

So...If you want some kick-ass Feldenkrais sessions (many with written transcripts) and you want them at 2006 prices, grab them while you can:


"Ryan, Can I..."

By the way...I often get question such as: "Can I translate your sessions into my native language and sell them myself?" or "Can I use them to teach my own live workshops?"

Well, the answer is almost alway yes. I do not "own" Feldenkrais ideas. Ideas cannot be copyrighted. And as soon as you translate something, you put it in your own words and it belongs to you anyway. And hell - for some products I have actually created transcripts that come WITH your purchase. I did that to make it easier for you to use them for your own classes and workshops. So go for it!!

But...if you want to do at the lowest cost, you better grab them NOW. Once the prices go up, they are not going back down.



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  1. Congratulations Ryan. Your audio recordings are absolutely worth it and I’m glad I already purchased most of them.
    I hope you will share how to the price change effects your sales. I always feel like I have little understanding of how prices effect purchases.
    Thanks for all the great ATMs (with transcripts!!!!!), Tara Vamos GCFP

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