Find A Feldenkrais Practitioner/ Feldenkrais Insider (SHORT Form)

Hi all - I got feedback yesterday from several people that my video was WAY too long and rambling. I agree. My apologies.

The quick question that I have is: Where is your main interest and need?

1) The "Find A Practitioner" website would include practitioners worldwide and would start out having a basic listing (likely for free) for everyone with options to simply add a google map and link to your website (for some type of additional payment). It would simultaneously build your brand and visibility and that of the Method, while making it easier for the public to find Feldenkrais practitioners worldwide. It is one heck of a complicated project and have spend quite a bit of time on it. I would to get a sense of how important it is to practitioners to have this new resource.

2) The second project, "The Feldenkrais Insider" would give you access to short form (5 to 15 minute) podcasts and videos as well as long form (an hour or longer) videos and podcasts and would be pulling from the international Feldenkrais community, including "famous" and "soon-to-be famous" practitioners and thought leaders. It would also have detailed historical and philosophical blog posts about the method. The goal would be to give folks access to materials and ideas and insights that had been previously hard to find.

Unlike my previous podcast and blogging, this would be more of a membership website, with a small charge to access the materials.

Again, the question that I have, if you want to answer: Where is your main interest and need?

In the last four years, I have launched about a dozen projects in the psychotherapy field and have had several thousand people in my online events and conferences. I would like to duplicate those results in the Feldenkrais world and need some feedback, if you have the time or interest.

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