weird, gentle session for relaxing jaw, face and tongue

For a brief moment, I hesitated in posting this session. If I were to re-record it today, I could make it shorter and a bit clearer. However, the main movements of opening your mouth and moving your tongue and shoulders in various positions can be *deeply* relaxing.

Not only relaxing for people who have TMJ or jaw pain but relaxing for just about anyone.

The movements of the mouth and tongue occupy a large part of the sensory-motor processing center of the brain. Think of how early in our development we learn to use our mouth.

Changing the dynamics there can be deeply relaxing and calming to the nervous system.

So here you have it, a session called, "Head, Pelvis, Tongue"

You do not have to do the entire session to benefit from it. And falling asleep while doing it is not uncommon.



More weird, fun and deeply relaxing sessions can be found in Volume 2 of my low-cost TMJ series below. This series is due for a price increase soone: