3 weird tips to eliminate dizziness and vertigo

Staying with the topic of Feldenkrais to eliminate vertigo, I want to share with you the tips that I have given nearly a dozen people via personal email conversations in the last few days on eliminating dizziness and vertigo.

No point in keeping them secret!

Some of these might seem weird, but they can work wonders:

1) Anything that lets you feel and focus on support from your feet will help. Sit down and feel your feet on the floor while you are sitting. Or lie down, bend your knees, and feel your feet on the floor. Feel your feet and your stability in any way that feels comfortable.

2) Sit down and look at your computer! I know this sounds strange, but sitting at the computer is comforting because you are not moving much and your eyes are centrally focused and you can relax and feel stable. It will also help stop any uncontrolled eye movements causing you stress.

3) If you are not in front of your computer put your thumb in front of you and look at it with fascination. [Sit down if you need to]. This may calm and stop any uncontrolled eye movements [MDs often call them nystagmus] and it can stop the world from spinning.

And my most important advice:

To reduce and eventually stop vertigo, move slowly and consciously as if your life was one long Feldenkrais session: Be aware of your body's position and orientation so that you can retrain your vestibular system and bring calmness to your mind and body.

I know, I know.

That ain't easy.

But it can be done. And doing so can even stop vertigo from happening.

I put the information and discount code for the 3 series that I believe will help people the most with vertigo and dizziness on the page below if you are interested:


to your stability and health!


By the way, the blog post above is permanent and will likely be up for as long as I continue to teach and share Feldenkrais. However, the discount code will be deleted in a couple of days, so act now if you are interested. There is a gift option if you want to send any of the series to a friend or colleague who you think could benefit.

Disclaimer: Remember to see a doctor or other healthcare provider to rule out any medical cause of vertigo or dizziness. I am not a doctor and I do not play one on YouTube!