Feldenkrais, “I was not able to finish my work”

This is not a well-known fact, but Moshe Feldenkrais had less than 10 years of teaching in the United State before he died.

His first training was in Esalen in 1972. And the last, which began in 1980 in Amherst, he was not able to finish for health reasons.

He was aware of his advancing age and the fact that he felt he had not been able - in his own estimation - to reach enough people nor to finish his work.

As he said to Edward Rosenfield in an interview on September 17th, 1973:

"There are many things that I was twenty-five years ahead of time with. That is why I am such a misery - that I become known when I am going to die already."

A harsh assessment, no?

And several years before his death, while in a hospital bed, he said to his close friend, Franz Wurm:

"I am in a stupid panic of not being able to finish my work. It finished me instead - perhaps."

We all have the time that we do.

And personally, I am very grateful that Feldenkrais had the time that he did.

And that we have so many interviews and transcripts of his work from which to learn.

And my audio recordings called, "The Feldenkrais Classics," based on Moshe's 1972 Esalen training are still available. You can learn more about them here: