Imaginary Ball In Front Of The Eyes (Free Feldenkrais Session)

Is she doing Feldenkrais eye sessions in her mind? And what about the dog?
Yesterday, I bumped into a friend at a coffee shop who I had not seen for several months. And I was tickled when he told me how he and his brother do my Feldenkrais sessions together from time-to-time.

One session in particular that my friend discussed with me is called, "A ball in front of the eyes." And I am sharing it with you below. It is a rather unique session as the particular imagery that I use does not appear in any other Feldenkrais session (that I know of)

Or download A Ball In Front Of The Eyes.

Like many sessions that I have recorded over the years, this session was created in reference to a specific personal need: My eyes were getting stressed and strained from too much time in front of a computer and I needed a quick way to release that strain. Though my original session is about 17-minutes, I edited this down for you to about 13-minutes for ease of use. And you if repeat the session, you may eventually find over time that you can do and get the benefits from in it just a few seconds by imagining the movements in your mind's eye! I hope you enjoy it.