Bear Walking: Feldenkrais at Esalan

Ten days ago, I posted a free Feldenkrais session based on a session from Moshe's famed Esalen workshop. The session is called "Rhythmic Tapping" and is suitable for just about anyone. Did you have a chance to do it? If not, no worries, check out the session below.

It is a bit more challenging, but also very accessible if you are willing to go slow and stop and rest whenever you feel the need.

In the past, I have called this session, "Classic Four Points," because it involves contacting the floor with your two hands and two feet (thus four points of contact). But I recently did a version of this session by Ryan Hoffman, a practitioner in Calgary, Alberta and he calls it "Bear Walking." I like that name better. It speaks to what Moshe was likely trying to get at - a developmentally early form of locomotion that most of us engaged in before learning how to walk on two feet. We usually crawl, before we walk, yes?

The session does not involve crawling on the floor, but it does involve playing with having weight on your hands and feet. Interested?

If so, take a moment and watch the intro video that I created below. And then start by doing the first few minutes of the audio session below it. It is one of the more interesting and useful Feldenkrais sessions that I do on a regular basis. I think you will find it has some fascinating effects:

Feldenkrais Video: Intro to Esalen Session "4 Points Classic" (Bear Walking)

Feldenkrais Session:"4 Points Classic" (Bear Walking)

And here is the audio version:

Download: 4 pts classic/bear walking

When I say that you can benefit from doing just a few minutes of this session, I mean it! Do not let time stand in your way. Start by doing just a few minutes of the session and see how it goes.

The session above is about 34 minutes. There is a longer version of it in my private member's only area (curently closed to new members) and in the downloadable Feldenkrais Classics series.


I would love to know how the session affected you. Leave a comment below or on the YouTube video?