Feldenkrais Pain Relief

Would you or someone that you know like Feldenkrais sessions that you can use to help with chronic pain issues? And to stay mobile and independent?

Or perhaps you are ready to go deeper into Feldenkrais strategies and your own ability to create comfort and easier movement?

Something that you can do even if you are new (or returning) to the work? And if you do not have much time?

If so, I would like to introduce you to "Easy Feldenkrais, Volume 1." It contains sessions that are easy-to-do and all are under 34-minutes. They were originally created for people with chronic pain issues who needed a gentle introduction to the work. Because of that they are designed to be done by you whatever your age and ability - even if you are completely new to the work - and - if you do not have much time. As a special bonus because I am releasing these for the first time, I have added several free sessions (see below).

As you do these sessions you will find yourself relaxing and moving easier and better. Chronic muscular tension will begin to melt away. You may even find yourself sleeping better. Give them a try?

You can download all the sessions to your computer and keep them forever. And there are links that you can use to listen online via a smartphone or tablet.

Easy Feldenkrais Volume 1: The Downloads

1. Tilting The Legs And Rolling The Head (30 min). A gentle and important session to get you started. Being able to effortlessly move the head can reduce daily pain and strain and make the rest of our life and movement easier

2. Shoulder Circles (31 min). If you have ever had pain or strain in your arms or shoulders you will appreciate this session. It opens up your mind and body to shoulder movements that you may not use on a daily basis and it can help you not only move better, achieve a state of relaxation.

3. Hip And Shoulder (22 min). This one helps with balance and ease of walking. When your hips and shoulders are better coordinated the force of gravity can flow through your body easier, making walking and running more pleasurable.

4. Bending On The Side (32 min). This lesson helps you find and improve the bending of your spine and neck, while you are lying on your side. And it helps integrate the movements of your shoulders and hips that you will have experimented with in previous sessions of this series.

5. What Is Flexion? (34 min). This is such a wonderful session. It starts out with nothing more than some small movements of your feet while you are lying on your back. And when you get up afterwards...you may find that you feel taller!

6. Pelvic Clock (33 min). Moshe included some type of pelvic clock session in all of his workshop. This is a session that works directly and indirectly with your core muscles and can help you move easier and with more power.

7. Primary Movements of the Back (31 min). Get rid of back pain and strain. This session has been called "magical" by one of my students.Very gentle and highly effective. Helps create a flexible back to relax your muscles, your back and your nervous system.

Some Free Bonuses To Enhance Your Learning

"Ryan, I just finished listening to the 4th session from your sitting series. I've had some lower back pain and discomfort for more than a month. It has been bad enough to disturb my sleep. After this 4th session, I can already feel more comfort and less discomfort. Incredible. And the best part is that the process is enjoyable, not requiring any painful exercises or stretching. It feels like a natural process of healing. Thanks Ryan." - Rob McNeilly, MD, Hobart, Australia

Free: Pain Relief While Sitting: Take Some Time To RELAX (a $47.00 value)

Would you like to eliminate pain while sitting? These are Feldenkrais sessions that you can do at home or in the office. No need to lie down! They are all done while sitting and they will help you release pain (especially back pain and shoulder tension) sit more comfortably and increase your concentration while working...these session are especially wonderful if you spend any length of time working at a desk...

This downloadable Feldenkrais mp3 series includes:

  • Integrated Turning, Right and Left (If you teach this a great demo session)
  • Opening and Folding (Wonderful if you tend to "slouch" or lean forward at your desk)
  • Bending to the Side (Yummy! Will make you relax....)
  • Full Body Integration (Combines all 3 session above with some unique variations)
  • Shoulder Rotation in Sitting (The "Eroll Flynn" from Esalen and elsewhere. Awesome lesson)

And even more bonus sessions:

1. Take All The Time You Want (4 min). I designed this session for people who just want to take a few minutes to relax. It is a 4-minute session that can take you deeply into your bodily experience and help you to relax and unwind. It has become a perennial favorite.

2. Scan: Your Five Cardinal Lines (7 min). This is another short Feldenkrais session that helps you to connect with your bodily experience and relax. I first learned this scan when doing Moshe's sessions from the Esalen workshop.

3. Keep Your Eyes on The Ball! (34 min). For those of us who stare at computers, TV's and phone screens all days, this session can be a welcome relief.

4. Alexander Yanai 82: A Clock In Front Of The Face (47 min).
Have you ever heard of the Alexander Yanai sessions? They are from Moshe's studio in Israel and there are hundreds of them. I am including this session that I recorded just so that you can get a taste of what they are like. Feldenkrais taught variations of this session at his studio in Alexander Yanai, at Esalen and in nearly all of his trainings and public workshops. It was also in the Awareness Through Movement book. I recommend that you do this session after doing the "Pelvic Clock" session above. (And it is an advanced Feldenkrais session, so go easy and only do what you can do comfortably).

5. Transcripts, transcripts, transcripts Whether English is not your first language, you like to read sessions or you are a practitioner (of some kind) who wants materials to teach your own classes, I include transcripts of all my sessions. It furthers my desire to have the work spread to more and more people at a faster and faster rate.

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As soon as you purchase, a link to download the sessions is sent directly to your email address...you can download to your computer and start using instantly! Links to enjoy the sessions on your smartphone or tablet are also provided.

My Personal Guarantee To You

ryan_headshotAs you likely know already, I stand 100% behind what I sell. I want you to be delighted with these sessions. If you are not satisfied with the material, ask me and you will get your money back - no questions asked.