What If Dr. Feldenkrais Were To Say To You…

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais
Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais
"I have a new studio near your house and I want you to come by for a workshop. I want to share with you some of my most important and critical sessions. These are some of the sessions that I taught in Esalen when I first taught there in 1972."

"The Esalen workshop was an important one for me because it was one of my first workshops in America and it gave me a chance to show off some of my best ideas. In fact, I went out of my way to pick sessions that would really "wow" the group and take their development to the next level. The attendees were a group of people that I thought could be highly influential in the growth of the method."

"But here's the thing - there was only room for a few people at that workshop and my work has not been as widely adopted as I had hoped. So...for a limited time, I am back, teaching those lessons live for you. Would you like to come by and experience these sessions for yourself?"

What would you tell Moshe if he were alive and making you that offer?

Probably the same thing that I would: Not only yes, but hell yes! When does the workshop start, how soon can we begin??

Well, we all know that Moshe's physical presence has left us. We all have to leave this planet at some time or another. But his work...and ours...lives on in many ways. For me personally, the Esalen workshop was one of the most powerful and game-changing workshops I ever experienced. No, I was not there "live". But I got ahold of transcripts of the sessions while I was a Ph.D. student nearly 17 years ago. And I have been working with the material ever since: Recording the sessions, re-recording them, playing with themes and ideas in them, teaching them, and using them to transform my life and the lives of others.

But as we all know, there are only so many workshops that you can teach live and so many people that you can reach personally. That is why I began professionally recording sessions based on the Esalen Workshop and releasing them to the public, doing my best to stay true to Moshe's presentation of the work but keeping the tone and phrasing modern and up-to-date and fitting with the latest we know about learning and neuroscience...

If you have ever wanted to go "in-depth" with the Feldenkrais Method and wanted to do so in the comfort of your own home, where you can easily stop and rest whenever you want, and review sessions in your own time and own way...below are some of the most powerful Feldenkrais sessions you can do. These are not only powerful "movement" lessons but powerful lessons for life transformation.

And best of all, you can get them now and start using them immediately, no need to travel across town, change clothes and lay down on the floor with a group of strangers, just grab a towel or blanket and lie down in the comfort of your own home, office or studio...

Feldenkrais Classics: From The Esalen Workshop

Over 12 hours of cutting-edge Feldenkrais sessions record by myself, Ryan Nagy, including...

Feldenkrais Classics Volume 1

cdCover1.21. Classic Flexors and Extensors (A must for serious Feldenkrais students.)

2. Finding Your Hip Joints (One of my favorites, can be fantastically powerful on many levels)

3. Your Dominant Shoulder (Dramatically reduce shoulder strain)

4. Exploring Your Extensors, Part 1 (Proof that you CAN get taller as you age!)

5. Exploring Your Extensors, Part 2 (Deeper and deeper)

6. Your "Dominant" Hand (Not from Esalen, but an important lesson for our modern times. It can reduce or completely eliminate some repetitive strain injuries)

Feldenkrais Classics Volume 2

1. A 5-minute introduction

2. Rhythmic Tapping (a mind-blowing session)

3. Lifting on The Stomach

4. Rotating Your Spine Through Your Legs (fantastic for dealing with back pain amongst other things...)

5. Differentiating Your Hip Joints (your hips are important for many reasons)

6. Four Points Classic or Four Points of Support on Your Hands and Feet (This is the Feldenkrais session that I have done the most times in my life. It always has a positive effect on me. - Which will be your favorite??)

7. Crawling on Your Hands and Knees (This session can have intense changes in your self-image).

Just added: Free transcripts of ALL the sessions.

Feldenkrais Volume 3: Core, Spine and Pelvis *Special New Bonus*

This album is not available anywhere else. These sessions fit beautifully together and you can do this volume even if you have not yet any other sessions in the Classics series. BUT - These are not beginner sessions. They represent some of Feldenkrais' most dense and complex thinking about movement and action and they are challenging sessions. Each session builds elegantly on themes from the prior session, starting with a focus on the core and pelvis and ending with full-body motions through the spine and legs.

The series includes:

1. Dial Movements of The Pelvis - I do not think that Moshe ever used the word "core" but this session can have dramatic effects on your ability to move with grace and power through improving coordination of core muscles with the entire body.

2. Spine Like A Chain - Both global and detailed movements of the spine, you may find movements that you did not know existed for you!

3. Hip Rotation - Over the years, this has been a challenging lesson for myself and many other folks. But once one masters the pattern, it can have some cool effects on everyday living.

4. Tilting Your Legs - This is a great session to see Feldenkrais' developing use of visualization and imagination in his work.

5. Errol Flynn - A perennial favorite in the Feldenkrais community, hugely effective for folks who have limitations in the shoulder area. It can dramatically improve your range of movement.

6. Your Hamstrings - The grand finale! It has a rather surprising ending.

The Unpublished Sessions (New for 2021)

These are sessions that have not been bundled into a new volume. I recorded them for my private Feldenkrais students. They do not come with transcripts (unlike the other sessions which do). But I really want people to have them and experience them.

The sessions are:

1) Breathing (deep exploration of breathing patterns in many positions)
2) Exploration of Lips, Tongue, Mouth (great for jaw strain)
3) The Buttock Aims The Pelvis (can change how you walk)
4) Foot/Pelvis Differentiation (rare session done on the hands and knees)
5) Caressing The Legs (gentle standing session, great for improving balance)

All of those sessions plus the nineteen sessions above that are already in the first three Volumes of Feldenkrais Classics.

Testimonials About These Feldenkrais Sessions

"I am very excited to have these lessons at hand now. I really look forward to doing them, I have already done three today. You are very clear and easy to listen to. No mucking about. Thank you." Rebecca Crawford, Australia.

I actually bought the Feldenkrais Classics 2 first and bought this FC 1 last week. It really isn't important which you start with. The movements are gentle but effective. Many of them may only have to be done once to get you balanced and feeling good. Now, that's effective! There is so much information in this MP3 set. His voice, timing, and pace are just right. Buy it, you will feel better and change your life. Feldenkrais classes are pricey, this is an incredible value to see what Feldenkrais can do for you. Books and DVDs IMHO are not nearly as effective as this MP3 set. - Cynthia R. Peterson

"I am the one who has been emailing and who hurt her back falling at Kaiser emergency room. I want to tell you that your downloads have made me very aware of the tension that has been held in my body, I must say that I have not had a headache - at all - for about three days!! What happened was, I went into your sessions and into myself and I realized WHERE the problem was coming from. I finally found the source...Thank you! You are one of three "heroes" in my life right now - there is you, my "coach" who does acupressure and massage, and my Feldenkrais practitioner, who personally trained with Moshe Feldenkrais....thank you, Ryan. " - Melinda Frances, California

Just did your lesson on tapping and am so grateful, especially your final comments about your own journey as I have similar disassociative feelings, and getting up is especially difficult in the morn. After many, many years of effort, this is the first technique which has offered me hope and freedom from pain. Bless you. I plan to continue with lessons and private sessions in my area. - Linda

Thanks so much for offering this work at an affordable price. It is a real gift. - Adrienne

Dear Ryan, After having purchased your audio collection I'm happy to say that as a busy mom I've even found the time to experience the lessons. What I've found is that your style is encouraging, concise and playful, a wonderful combination of traits that go into create an open learning environment for the 'experiencer'. One thing I've already noticed as a result of doing the lessons is an improvement in the quality of my sleep. I can't recommend these lessons highly enough!
Mastaneh Nazarian, Austat Certified Alexander Technique teacher Musician, Writer, Performance and Movement Coach

What Is The Cost?

Many people would charge $298.00 or more for these sessions. Taking them in a class or workshop would cost $375.00 or more.

But I am offering everything for $298.00. Today only $99 That is TOTAL, including ALL the sessions listed above. Why do I offer them so cheaply? It is simple: I have some of the highest-ranked Feldenkrais websites in the world and I sell a TON of Feldenkrais downloads. I can give you my "volume" discount. And...as many of my fans know...I am a bit of a geek. I do all the recording and editing and selling of my products. There is no "middle man" and I do not spend 1000's of dollars renting sound studios and editors and such.

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As soon as you purchase, a link to download the sessions is sent directly to your email address...you can download to your computer and start using it instantly!

My Personal Guarantee To You

ryan_headshotAs you likely know already, I stand 100% behind what I sell. I want you to be delighted with these sessions. If you are not satisfied with the material, ask me and you will get your money back - no questions asked.


  1. Ryan, I am thrilled to purchase your sessions. Everyday I take the time to do one of them. Today it was Eliminate Back Pain 1, and it works like nothing else. Tomorrow another one. Years ago you sent me some of your works because of an injury.This year I purchased another session from you and ended up buying the one I already had. I have been sharing them with others. I was trying to treaty my body in other ways and until I found you. Best to you Ryan.
    PS Excited to hear you are getting back to Grad school.

  2. Hi Melinda, I instantly recognized your name when I saw your purchase in my inbox last night. I did not know your were reading this blog! Very cool. Thanks for the kudos. It makes me feel great and motivates me to keep producing more. When you first purchased the Eliminate Back Pain series and sent me an email about how well it worked, it was a big deal for me. I was just starting out and feeling a bit insecure about what I was doing… so thanks!


  3. Ryan,

    Love your stuff. I saw Ruthy Alon in 1977 in Cambridge, MA for a week long intensive. As you know 90 percent of the technique is the connection the practictioner makes to the patient in his voice, intonation and inflection. Most Feldenkrais practictioners are sorely lacking in this area. You come as close to Ruthy as any practictioner I have found. Good stuff.

    Warm Regards, Brian J. Killeen

  4. Brian that is the nicest comment and compliment that I have ever gotten on this blog. Maybe ever. Thanks. I love Ruthy. I never got why so many people were “into” her until I spent an hour talking with her. Her presence is amazing. Thank you for connnecting me with her. I hope I can live up to it.



  5. hello Ryan
    i was holidaying with Rebecca (first comment re your classic series which she purchased) and we experienced a couple of sitting lessons. They were great, so I have to have them as well.

    Loved the careful and thoughtful way you spoke, and feel like you have illuminated things for me too.

    Looking forward to going through your series.
    Exceptional Feldenkrais, wowee!

  6. I am very interested in this, but I would love to hear a sample of your voice before I purchase it. I have been practicing Feldenkrais for years now and I swear by it. I am not in my usual location now, so I can’t work with my usual teacher. It would be great to keep it up on my own. It keeps my posture straight! So is there some way I can get an audio sample?

    sincerely, Margaret

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