Feldenkrais In Standing: Learn To Walk Better

Back in 2018, I re-discovered doing Feldenkrais sessions done while standing after reviewing transcripts of Moshe teaching in his workspace on Alexander Yanai Street in Tel Aviv.

Have you heard of Alexander Yanai sessions?

Feldenkrais taught there from the early 1950s through the late 1970s

I was searching the transcripts for certain keywords such as "toes" and "heels" and "flexible feet."


Because I started getting strain and pain in my toes from walking and running on the beach and was looking for sessions to help me.

I ended up loving the sessions done in standing that Feldenkrais taught.

But many people do not.

They want to lie on the floor and be comfy.


But true to my desire for people to experience cool new somatic movements, I have recently sent out several Feldenkrais sessions done in standing to my email list.

I have put the links below if you want to try them as well.

The first two are about 10-minutes.

They are not complete Feldenkrais sessions.

They are more like "tasters."

A way to take a somatics break, relax and see how you can change your walking and standing in good ways.

No need to prepare or lie down.

Just take off your shoes (if you are comfortable doing so) and give it go.

Feldenkrais In Standing: Hopping.

The 9-minute session below is a small piece of a longer session called, The Basis of Hopping.

Feldenkrais In Standing: On Your Toes.

If you want to experiment with having more flexible toes and feet, here is another short (10-minute) session in standing that you can do.

I call it "standing on your toes"

Feldenkrais In Standing: Hands On Wall Knee Bent

Here is another session. It is 19-minutes long. You will be using your toes and heels in some unique ways, and it will have some lovely effects on your hips and spine as you shift your weight...

and relax...

I think you will feel more balanced and efficient when you walk afterward.

You may even feel taller:

If you find the session useful or interesting, you can grab several standing and walking series (with transcripts) on the page below

Walk With Ease, Power, And Grace, Volume 1