What Would A Practitioner App Look Like?

Here is a thought experiment for you. What do you think an smartphone app for practitioners would look like? What would it do? Let's say that someone could open his or her smartphone - and open an app - and instantly connect to say, a Feldenkrais practitioner or a psychotherapist who has an opening that day, or even that hour. Perhaps it could find any group therapy or Feldenkrais class within a 10-mile radius of where the person is using the app.

What do you think? What would an app designed to connect people to practitioners do? What functionality would it need? Or is there something that you as a practitioner (of whatever modality) would like to do with your cellphone that you have not been able to do?


  1. Thanks Margaret. My thoughts are a little vague at this point! I am looking for ideas…wondering what practitioners want. I was thinking of an app that lets people find local practitioners via their smartphone. But I do not know if we have enough practitioners to make it worthwhile.


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