Dear practitioner: You will not be replaced by AI

Artificial intelligence cannot feel.

It has no body nor thoughts to sense.

It cannot become self-aware (nor be aware that it has no self to be aware of).

Nor can it ask itself about the meaning or value of what it is doing. 

What it *can* do is reconfigure words and symbols that it has been fed and spit them back out in writing or mathematical formulas.

The words generated are not creative, but they might be at some point. 

Even so, when it writes AI has no underlying experience to understand if the words have meaning or if there are experiential gaps.

Humans have to do that. 

However, AI can do certain things quite well, for example:

1. It can take rule-based systems such as chess, learn the system, and beat humans.

2. It can ingest huge amounts of research and medical data and make correct diagnoses.

The parts of society that are in immediate danger from AI (in terms of job losses) are people who make a living in these rule-driven systems (not just chess and the medical profession but also certain areas of accounting and law).

AI is poised to drastically limit the needs for people to work in those fields and many others such as computer programming, translation, graphic design.

But again,  AI cannot feel and make new distinctions based on the of a changing world

That is why AI cannot replace me nor you.

And that is why I am experimenting with it.

As I wrote to someone just an hour ago:

AI does not have the underlying experience to generate true insight. And that is one of the main reasons that I am experimenting with it. It gives people like me a chance to do value-added thinking and framing and to go where computers cannot go. There isn't any AI in the world that can replace what I do. And they certainly cannot go where I am going. 

And I do not think there is any AI in the world that can replace you either.