No Feldenkrais Practitioner In Your Area?

No Feldenkrais Practitioner In Your Area? That's Ok!! You have got me, Ryan. And for a while longer, you can still get my kick-ass Feldenkrais downloads before the prices go up. Purchase, download, lie down. Change your movement and your life: Feldenkrais Sessions by Ryan

Nearly all of my Feldenkrais sessions come with transcripts. This can be a big help if you are not a native English speaker or if you are practitioner of some sort who wants to teach his or her own Feldenkrais classes. Get my session with transcripts to save yourself a ton of time and prep work:

By the way - I am writing you this message as I am about to raise prices on all my products. I have kept my prices steady for almost 4 years but as I move into the next phase of my business and life, I need to change my pricing structure so that I can justify creating more products.

The photo at the top of this blog post is being used with permission from my good friend Alfons Graber. Alfons swears that he owns the photo and that the woman is question is "just a friend." ha! Alfons wrote the amazing My Feldenkrais Book and he now has a permanent invitation to any of my parties in Mexico to be introduced to my witty and beautiful friends. See below. I am the handsome bald man, in case you did not know:

NagyCollage1BlogB. Never, ever ever.

Remember: Ryan Nagy creates awesome Feldenkrais downloads.