I am rarely posting here. Do you care?

Over the last three to four years my posting on this blog has been rather sparse. I can go weeks and months at a time without posting anything. This has been partly due to Facebook's increasing ability to suck out my brain with it intentional attention-diluting "news feed." In other words, I have been spending more time reading there than writing here. But my lack of posting has also had a great deal with my changes in reading and research interests.

Many of you here expect posts related to the work of Moshe Feldenkrais. And my habit has been to post about the man and his work. But my "other" lifelong interests -practical philosophy and epistemology, psychology, Ericksonian hypnosis and brief psychotherapy, travel, language learning - are all crying out for more attention. And, for the love of god - please help me- I may start blogging about Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and politics.

So...It may be time to start writing about whatever the hell I want here, just like a personal blog, but more incisive (and offensive, I hope). If I do that, and my future thoughts do not interest you, no problem. Feel free to unsubscribe, no hard feelings.

Content and Process

That being said, I have been doing a great deal of work online but I have not talked to you about it. Why?

Because the "content" of what I am doing - events for psychotherapists - is likely not interesting to you. I believe in creating specific products and solutions for specific groups of people - and then marketing directly to those people. So when I launch a product not geared towards Feldenkrais folks, I rarely mention it here. For example, in August of 2015 I launched Ericksonian Strategies in the Treatment of Depression. It was a very large and very successful online event. A month ago, I launched a similar online conference called "Solutions for Anxiety." and again, I did not promote it here on ryannagy.com for similar reasons: Most of you reading this blog are doing work related to that of Moshe Feldenkrais not Milton H. Erickson. And though I see many parallels to the two approaches, I have not had much luck convincing others. And I have come to see that convincing others is a massive waste of time.

However the process or the "what" of what I am doing - creating online events - may be relevant to you. Why? Because you could do what I do, but create Feldenkrais-themed online events or events for your particular niche. But the process of how to do those type of events is not something that I have the time to write about and teach.

Anyhow...I am a big believer in creating momentum for change by making small changes and doing something small - taking some small action - sometimes the smaller the better. And here I am writing you a blog post to make a change, create to build some momentum for future blog posts and conversations (I hope) and to say hello, to let you know a bit (just a bit) of what I have been up to and .


If I do write some Feldenkrais-themes posts, I may share with you my reasons for no longer writing about the FGNA and related matters such as what is happening with the "Feldenkrais Trainers" Short answer: The topics have little relevance to my professional life and even less relevance in the larger cultural dialogue. I can do everything that I want to do personally and professionally without involving any particular organization, so...why bother? I may share some ideas about when I think Feldenkrais is indicated as a modality. And when it is not. That is, what things can we say Feldenkrais is really good for, and for what things can we say it is not very effective. It is a conversation that is long overdue.

Or who knows, I may start blogging about my expat life here in Mexico and my journey into becoming reasonably fluent in Spanish. You want to change your self-image? Immerse yourself in a second and third language. It may not give you a complete self-image make over (nothing does, not even Feldenkrais), but it will help you evolve and find the limits of what is changeable and what is not. Perhaps we might talk about lifestyle design and running experiments as practitioners that help us create the ideal lives for our unique personalities, situations and bodies.

Anyhow, I hope you are doing great out there! Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you are up to.

And here is a bonus photo for reading the entire post. The tattoo - alas -was temporary. It was for a "modern tribal" birthday party for a friend that lives in southern mexico where I was traveling at the time.

What are you up to these days?


  1. I continue to find your writings of interest, and enjoy the breadth of your explorations.

  2. Thanks Allegra! I appreciate hearing back from you. I hope to see you again in “the real world” sometime soon. Peace! – Ryan

  3. Hmm no Feldenkrais in “Solutions to Anxiety”?? Even though Body and Mature Behaviour is pretty specifically about dealing with anxiety, Elusive Obvious has swathes of discussion on anxiety and Potent Self is cetainly an approach at specific outcomes of constant anxiety – just interested – have you decided anxiety is NOT something that FM is effective with??

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