Should I Do This For Feldenkrais Folks?

Hi all - I got some feedback from several Feldenkrais and Anat Baniel Practitioners that I should consider doing this for people involved with the work of Moshe Feldenkrais. Thoughts?

After you watch the video please leave a comment only takes a second. If we have already spoken via email or Facebook would you consider leaving your thoughts again so that others can benefit and join the conversation?


  1. Ryan – I’m not a Feldenkrais practitioner as you know, but I’d be very interested to learn more about Facebook advertising and I like your hands-on approach. So please consider including me.

  2. I am a practitioner with lots of ideas but have trouble getting myself to take action on them. I am very interested in a coaching group.
    I appreciate your offer and all you do to promote this work.

  3. Hi Ryan,
    Your timing could not be better! I’m the worlds’ best procrastinator; but finally ready to commit to making a website/blog/ and creatively using Skype or Zoom to bring in streaming income. After losing so much money the last 6 weeks due to 6 feet of snow, emergency state, cancellation of over 100 FI’s and classes, etc., getting run down with worry and getting pneumonia, it is time for me to stop depending on FI, ATM for my piddling income at best.

    My specific new project is organizing a ‘low fee, drop-in, “individual movement solutions” clinic, based on Ruthy’s latest absolutely brilliant iterations under the rubric “Movement Intelligence”. I’m thinking I could video the sessions, develop some qualitative research by following progress of individuals, etc., so many spin-offs; it is in development form, but I have applied for a small grant from FMI for seed money, have secured 3 hours every Fri. afternoon, have support of the center where I will be running this clinic, lots of foot traffic in the middle of town, etc. But I could multiply the impact with some intelligent design, and your help, I believe.
    I could/would also duplicate this idea, perhaps for 10 days in mid-March at (Feldenkrais Retreat Center in Zipolite, Oaxaca), where as you may recall I have given FI’s, conducted Bones for Life trainings for 4 or 5 years– up until losing my ‘country organizer’ a few years back without whom it is hard to organize training from this distance.
    I would use the website to support organizing BFL certificate trainings, as well as “Individual Solutions” for both the general public and BFL trainees–those from USA & Canada who need a break from the weather in North America and the local population who already love Feldenkrais and are curious about Ruthy’s creation focusing on ‘self care’…I have a great translator cum anatomist there and she is eager to teach and learn, the lodging and food and beach are all fabulous! and I have as a nuleus a small following of advanced Bones for Life Trainees who are expressing interest. This would be a ‘pilot’ week, I would go back in May for a more formal certification process–I have trained about 50, but none are yet Certified to practice, and Certification is important to the Mexicans.
    Maybe you would like to come and see what Ruthy is up to!
    I am rambling a bit, but just got very excited by the doors and windows I think you could help me open in my brain and in my practice. I do need goals, a coach to whom I am answerable, I’m easily distracted by daily glitches, I think you could help me design a simple but workable on-line program, you are inspiring to me in how you have created income streams for yourself…and doing it from Mexico–tough job, but somebody had to do it! My agenda includes spending 4 mo. per winter in Zipolite and being able to run things from there and saying good by pneumonia! I’m very much motivated at this point, just need you as coach to keep me on track! Love the idea of a small group so everyone’s individual solutions could be found!

    All the zest,


  4. Thanks Rob. Good to see your message. I think I told you a few weeks back that I did a “sponsored” post on Facebook directing people to your self-hypnosis session on Psychotherapy Conferences. Several thousand people saw the post and several hundred clicked through to the page….many of whom ended up joining our email list. So it was a really cool thing. And cheap too. Will find some ways to use FB marketing four our next conference.

    You are officially in the loop!


  5. Hi Lisa,

    Great to see your message! Is there a specific idea that resonates with you to take action on?

    I am a big believer in finding the smallest step that one can take and still feel like you are making progress…



  6. Thanks Deborah. LOTS of good stuff there. Given that we need money to live and love and spread the work, I would think about focusing on those aspects that you love and that can bring in the most income. As the income flows in, you will have more stability and security and can tackle some of the other parts of your projects. Just a thought.

    Retreats and certifications sound fantastic.

    More to come… Let’s keep talking!


  7. Great Mauricio….you were one of the “instigators” of this post and video. Well, at least you helped give me a nudge. Glad to see you here!

  8. Hi Ryan,

    I’m a third year Feldenkrais student. I also do a couple of other modalities as well. I’ve spent the last couple of years studying internet marketing and have met Bill briefly at a seminar. I would like to get more students for my classes, workshops, and one-on- one clients for my other somatic practice as well begin developing and selling digital products such as atm online.

    I feel after taking several online program I have the basic knowledge but have not implemented it successfully. not sure if another coaching program is the answer but I need to make 2015 a success or risk going back to my former career.


  9. Hi Derick,

    Thanks for joining the conversation. I resonate with the idea of not wanting to return to a former career or profession. Sometimes I think my Feldenkrais journey is as much about avoiding certain outcomes as much as gaining new ones. I think both types of motivation is critical.

    I also can relate to not wanting to take new training, I have “banned” myself from taking new trainings until I put more of what I have learned and developed into practice.

    The derickcarter “about” webpage above is a good start in writing your biography. As you make it more specific to the pain points and desires of the people that you want to reach and to help it will begin to have more of an impact.


  10. You know I’m in…Let me know what “teasers” I can share with the So Cal/So NV/HI Region for future endeavors. (Our annual event is May 1-3.

    As we’ve talked about, personally I need the Internet Bootcamp revisit in small chunks. Things have shifted a lot in the last 8 years… 🙂

    “Feldy Girl”

  11. hey Darcia! Awesome. Thanks for the reminder of having my internet marketing bootcamp available in bit size chunks. I will go back and review my syllabus available and see what is still relevant.

    What is the project that you most want to do next?

    cheers! Ryan

  12. Hey Ryan—fourth year trainee here. I’d definitely be interested! I have a few Feld-related product/website ideas bouncing around my brain, and I’ve also been thinking larger-picture about how I can hit the ground running with my practice once I’m done with the training.

  13. Alright! I am glad that you are starting now Ray. I did not make a serious attempt to make a living with the Feldenkrais Method until YEARS after my training. Though to be fair, I was doing lot’s of cools stuff like traveling and going to school.

    When you get a moment, please click the link below and sign up for the free training and do the short worksheet/exercise that I have included and we can talk in more detail:



    I have to do it this way (on a separate page) as many of my blog readers are not interested in marketing and I cannot keep posting about the topic on my blog. It will be a separate topic just for the folks who are interested….

  14. Things that interest me include: how much to talk about my specific injuries in order to attract people that a) I can hopefully help due to similar experiences in a way that doesn’t sound like a know-it-all, and b) keeps my sense of privacy and self-respect.

    I like information to be presented neutrally and without that push to act. Yet marketing is all about taking action, so an additional interest is finding the least intrusive way to gain attention to those interested in exploring the services I can provide.

    Cheers for the outlet.

  15. Thanks Brent. Good stuff!

    I can relate. The marketing aspect of is has been a battle for me at times. And several times I have decided to stop selling and just focus on producing new mp3s and such…come what may.

    But I keep coming back to the selling and marketing aspect. I geuss because I get angry when I think of the really bad treatments and unnecessary surgeries and such that people often go through…

    The language of how to explain “the method” and your specialty is extremely important. Good that you have that as a focus.



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