Feldenkrais: What do you want to create? (A Short Video)

Would you be willing to engage with me and share your thoughts?

I am wondering, have you thought about where you want to go with the work of Moshe Feldenkrais? That is, what you want to create for yourself, for your friends or *insert your words here.* I would really like to know and so would your friends and colleagues. Take a moment and leave a response below or send me an email via the contact form at the bottom of the page?


  1. Ryan, I am a 45 y.o. trainee getting ready to graduate in June. Over the past 4 yrs I’ve gone through incredible personal changes. I move better than I have in 20 yrs., I have moved away from being overwhelmed with ‘not enough’ mentality, I’m no longer stuck in the years of suffering with depression, anxiety and insomnia. Many of my friends and acquaintances are still in the ‘go go go’ mentality and suffer some of the same things I went through in my younger years. I want so much to help them shift and realize they can be more content….basically to help them like themselves more. They have seen the changes in me and ask how I shifted. When I tell them that I learned life options through the FM, there is a lot of skepticism. Or they jokingly wonder what Kool aid I’ve been drinking. At times I think the changes I’ve made actually threatens or intimidates them. All of this …and I’m not even close to being a crazy zealot about the method. So…coming back to what I want to create…. I want to help people see that real change is possible, and that the FM can be used in a kind way to help that happen.

  2. Hi Wally, thanks a lot for that feedback. I only recently found out that several of my friends thought, many years ago, that I had joined a cult when I was doing my Feldenkrais training. Wow! And Feldenkrais or no, many people are invested in us staying the same, even if the do not realize it. S,

    “…to help people see that real change is possible, and that the FM can be used in a kind way to help that happen.”

    That is a wonderful goal. I will keep it in mind.

    Can I ask, what has worked for you, so far? Is there something that you have said or done with others that has helped?


  3. Ryan,

    So far, the things that have worked has been starting up a weekly ATM class, being part of Vital Human Community Clinic here in Portland, practicing FI with neighbors and friends, and soon I’ll be rolling out a website that includes blogging. I’m a fan of Simon Sinek’s idea that “people don’t but WHAT you do…they buy WHY you do what you do”. In that regard, I’m spending more time getting clear about …”who is my ideal client?”…and “who do I connect with that feels easy and not forced?”

    Otherwise, I think that the way I live is ‘modeling’ how the FM is continually shaping changing who I am… And it feels good….like a solid foundation is being built.

  4. ryan-

    thank you for your “coming out” about your past anger and hostility. i hear ya. yes, we are all part of the same ecosystem, however zany it may be.

    thanks for appreciating the bigger picture.

    i think what would be valuable to our community would be a video primer on how to best present the work we do, how to talk about it in a way that people will connect with the passion we all have for the FM and not make their eyes glaze over after the first three minutes…..and then how to build on that initial interest to come to classes or for FI’s.

    oh, and a better functioning community with rainbows and unicorns.

    rock on.


  5. Hey Dwight – Great to see your message. And what, we have stopped throwing rocks at each other??! Haha. Thanks for that detailed feedback and ideas. That really resonates with me and I think it is “do able.” I will have much more to say about it soon. cheers!! Ryan

  6. actually, now that i think more about it, you could use your technical acuity to develop an idea similar to what altMD was trying to do (http://www.altmd.com/Specialists/Dwight-Pargee) for the FM and associated communities…make it much more attractive, offer customizeable templates, consult on marketing and language use for SEO, have it be able to host a blog and video/mp3 uploads and sell product, then host it and charge a subscription fee for a reasonable price.

    that would be of great value to the community.

    a big market for something like that out there.

    i’d consult if you need it.

    long tail thinking.



  7. First of all thank you Ryan for hosting this blog, making your videos and asking this particular question in such a sincere and engaging way. I just found you on Youtube as i was searching for Feldenkrais, Ruthy Alon and Anat Baniel qoutes . I so appreciate you including ABM in your idea of community. My desire is to share this work and help each of us individually and collectively to keep expanding this work out into the world. So thank you again for your inclusivity.

    I have finished my basic training as an ABM practitioner and have just finished the Childrens Mastery program. I have been unfolding slowly in my practice and just about to launch a class with the aim of integrating somatic principles of Feldenkrais, ABM, dance,journal writing ,meditation and visualization. What i want to create is a class that presents material in a clear and simple way where people leave feeling energized and good about themselves…. I will let you know how it goes. I feel the experience will open up other questions and challenges for me and it would be great to have a forum to share ideas and questions, triumphs and difficulties. Thank you again for asking this question.

  8. I am a Feldenkrais Practitioner with multiple other realms of practice. Since I graduated from my training 14 years ago, I have been finding ways to find the coherence of these various fields. This is a process of becoming, of practice, and of conversation. Through all the work and time, I have a locus from which to operate (brand? field? studio? – hard to name this).

    As I get deeper into my practices, I have found that they evolve, so one challenge is if to stay with the original frame, or how far to let things unfold, grow, and change (which I could also do from within) — how to navigate following and creating space. Follow interests and also let things deepen.

    Another challenge has to do with how much to stay in one field, and how much to integrate, which of course changes based on many other factors, the greatest which is curiosity. This is funny/ironic since of course MF was a syncretic living being, like all of us, so the Method is really a nice big fat node.

    Finally related to the above, is how I love to study but am so particular about the environments I would like to study in, the vibe of the spaces and people, so it limits the contexts in which I am willing to engage. I guess this is a good thing, too.

    I feel a resonance with your posts and also an allegiance / appreciation for the Guild as an anchor through these processes. In encountering your interpretations about network v. hierarchy, I am excited by the spaciousness in the latter to have both porousness and interrelatedness, and also mini-hierarchies that are possibly at a scope of reason, durability.

    Also thinking of Maturana’s reciprocal illumination and epigenetics as two views which work hand in hand


  9. Hi Ryan.

    I think one of my long term goals is to integrate, and create more of an understanding of how various methods and approaches are a lot more powerful and potent together, and that we can do a lot more stuff, and better work, if we bring more of SE, TRE, and also social skill and conflict management training, into the Feldenkrais work. And also the other way, there is a huge amount of stuff and benefit anyone involved with SE, TRE and such methods would gain from doing a lot of Feldenkrais work, or a training.

    Probably the biggest frustration in this regard is that it is a huge amount of work to write books, articles and so on, as well as the fairly rigid systems that built up around all these methods, with their hierarchies, attitudes and so on. On the positive side, there is already many people out there doing these connections, and many in each community with positive attitudes in each direction.

    Another frustration over here in small Norway is of course that both Feldenkrais, SE and TRE is quite unknown, and that since my conflict management work and parenting stuff is doing a lot better, and also is very rewarding in terms of being as meaningful as the other work, that is what I have focused on. So, to survive and thrive, the Feldenkrais work has been on a side track for some time.

    Another goal is to use more of the parenting stuff to also promote the Feldenkrais and trauma work more.

  10. Thanks Margit. Your comment really resonated with me as it mirrors something that I have been dealing with for quite some time which is how to think about what I do and how to label it. I am a Feldenkrais practitioner, a coach, a therapist, a marketer? How do I label myself and stay focused?

    Getting my work out to people is a bit easier as I can create different websites and projects to reach different groups of people. But pulling it all together for my own self-image can be a bit daunting a times.

    Thanks for touching base!

  11. Hi Hans, great to hear from you, as always. Over the last 4 years I have been doing less online Feldenkrais work and more online psychotherapy work for the same reason – It pays the bills! And I have many more colleagues in the psychotherapy world who have big email list and who have written books and such and they are good resources in promoting events and making them more successful.

    Feldenkrais is such a small niche and well, I have offended many of the “big” names with my blog posts and such so there is less opportunity for me. But…Feldenkrais always seems to make a come back in my life.

    I am moving more and more to identifying and marketing Feldenkrais principles and not the method itself. I think various types of Feldenkrais-based concepts and ideas can make a big splash. But the Feldenkrais name, at least in the United States carries a bit of baggage.



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