Feldenkrais 2.0: Ready To Help Create The Next Phase?

Ok, as I alluded to in my last blog post, I am creating some new projects in the Feldenkrais world. But after doing some thinking and planning, I realized that I need some input on how to move forward...and more specifically on WHICH project to do first. Can you help?

The Feldenkrais Insider: Find a Feldenkrais Practitioner

Comments below. I may not respond individually to all of them, but I will read and use all the replies.

By the way, I am a little bit "wordy" in the video. My apologies. I hope to get better as I record more videos.


  1. Ok, here is the first comment…It is Sunday afternoon about 6 pm. I created that video, added some text comments, uploaded it and published it all in about 5 hours. Sorry for any mistakes or omission. Sometimes, one simply has to move forward. I am 100% ready to get this done. But I really do need your feedback. All constructive feedback is welcome.

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  2. Hi Ryan,
    We are very well supported by our Guild in the UK – the website is great, but that is really down to the hard – and unpaid – work of one of our most accomplished practitioners, Scott Clark. I think without him we would have something that worked by now, but not as elegant and attractive as the site we have – you can easily have a look at it as a “member of the public”, am sending a link to the “find a teacher” page, just in case it gives you some ideas. http://www.feldenkrais.co.uk/teach.php
    If I am understanding your main question then I think we could do with something as inclusive as possible, with a clear sense of what is on offer from the different modes (I only just realised that people who haven’t done the training can be Bones For Life teachers, and found myself trying to explain the difference in a respectful way to a potential new student – I was drawing Venn diagrams in the air, not sure she got it!).
    best wishes,

  3. Thanks Maggie. That hit several of my questions. Looking at the U.K. Guild website now. I would want to include ALL the various international guild members. What do you think of including Bones For Life folks, given that they have not a completed a Feldenkrais training?


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