Feldenkrais Video: Response to David Bersin and FGNA Posts ***CENSORED***

Hi all - I wanted to share you with some feedback from the last two posts about DZB and The Service Marks and "Conspiracies Against The Laity."

I am also letting you know that an organizer of "Guild Certified" Feldenkrais trainings and a colleague of Jerry Karzen's censored my posts by deleting them and the dozens of comments about them from the Facebook group "Feldenkrais practitioners around the world." Yet another example of how the Guild system limits access to knowledge and material and tries to present a sanitized view of the work and the man.

But, fear not, change is on the way!


  1. I soo liked much of what you said especially at the very end. I’ve been working with a jazz bass player once a week. At 23 he has some arthritis and tendonitis and “flat” feet and ankle issues and tight hips. He is unable to lie on the floor for very long – 10-15 minutes at most. He is, however, able to sit in a chair and so we began sitting in chairs facing one another and I would slowly talk him through some relaxercise atms —– very slowly, almost hynotically with both of us doing the movements at the same time and with me guiding him verbally. Long story short he became more atuned to what he was feeling and doing. The semester is just about over so we stopped but he worte that the experience had had left a deep impression and made subtle changes. Strictly speaking what I did was neither ATM nor FI and maybe not ever a combination but it worked. That’s what I liked about what you said —– do your own thing, at least that’s what I understood……………………Grazie, Ryan, Lisa

  2. Great and needed questions. I’m tired of the guild protecting material so they can use it to teach–they use material not derived from their own experience–it’s from Moshe’s experience. And then protect it as if it’s their own. If the guild is so great, why does it need to act out of fear and protection? I would say because it is frozen. It lacks life. (Funny the correlation to the body itself).

  3. Hi Peter, thanks! The comment below to me is very deep:

    “they use material not derived from their own experience–it’s from Moshe’s experience”

    And it is something that I have thought about a great deal. Moshe could take with great certainty….based on his own beliefs and life experiences. Others quote Moshe with certainty and it is not quite the same thing. You are reminding me of a quote that I first saw via Irene Lyon:

    “Movements develop its ideas based on observation, whereas ideologies act on the basics of belief or theory.” Paul Hawken’s, Blessed Unrest.

    Using Feldenkrais terms we can develop our ideas from doing and using the work and not just basing it on Moshe’s materials. Once you have the experience, it is YOURS.

    I hope you are doing great out there.


  4. Wow…great example of improvising and meeting someone in a manner that works for him and you. Feldenkrais talked of having a conversation through movements. Sounds great. Thanks for staying involved with the ideas here. I appreciate your comments.


  5. Dissonance from the puzzling rejection of Moshe as an adequate trainer of those who worked with him for decades in Israel prior to the experimental American greenfield trainings can be found at
    It seems those who take courses by Moshe’s original apprentices are way behind the curve. They all need at least another 350 TAB accredited hours to make the grade. How did Moshe get it so wrong before he trained Americans?

    “The EuroTAB Council CROSS-OVER Policy in Europe And Israel

    Specific total requirements to be met from the beginning of your original training with Yochanan Rywerant, Mia Segal or Eli Wadler and including your original training, are:

    Training experience with at least 3 additional TAB Certified Trainers; the minimum contact with each of 3 additional trainers is 50 hours in a minimum of 10 days; up to 450 hours in a minimum of 90 days of original training with Eli, Mia or Yochanan will be the maximum accepted.

  6. haha. Thanks Mike. It took me a moment to get your humor.And given the 90% + failure rate of Guild Certified Trainings, one must wonder what the extra training is about. How to be less competent?

    Feldenkrais trainers spend 20+ years to get certified to teach in trainings where the majority of people do not become practitioners. One wonders, what exactly the trainers are being trained to train…

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