soften your spine and chest (short video)

Every so often, people in my private membership group will ask me to clarify the movements in a Feldenkrais session.

And sometimes, I will put the answer in video form and post it on YouTube (like you can see in the video below).

The 2-minute video was on how to do Feldenkrais sessions while lying on the side.

Side sessions are amazing for getting rid of strain in the neck and also opening up the spine, hips, and lower body (i.e. working with the "core" muscles).

Have you ever done a session while laying on the side?

After nearly 30+ years of experimenting with Feldenkrais, Yoga, and Pilates, I have yet to discover anything that releases tension in the spine and ribs better.

If want to experience a side-lying session, here is a link to the full audio session:

Feel free to lay down and just do a few minutes of it.

The session is from a series of rare (and rarely taught) Feldenkrais-based audio sessions that are done while lying on the side called A Flexible Spine And Ribs.

It doesn't matter whether you are new or experienced doing Feldenkrais these sessions WILL give you new spinal distinctions to deeply relax your spine and neck while making both more flexible and functional.

By the way, you can put in the coupon code "flex" to get a 52% discount on the series and any addons.