Godaddy Discount Codes: Never Pay Full Price to Register a Domain

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GoDaddy does not seem to have the best reputation. Occasionally, I hear people complain about their service and hosting accounts. Some people refuse to use them. But for low-cost, easy-to-maintain domains, Godaddy is my registrar of choice. I usually register my domains with Godaddy and then host the websites elsewhere.

If you are going to register a domain name via GoDaddy, make sure to do a search for "GoDaddy Discount Codes" on Google. You are likely to find many ways to save, 10%, 20%, 30% or more. One website that seems to have many valid discount codes is: FatWallet. I just used one of the codes listed there to register a .com for $7.49. It doesn't get much cheaper than that.

cheers - Ryan

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