Alexander, Feldenkrais, Motor Function, And Mind

I found the quote below by F.M Alexander by searching for "Feldenkrais" on Pinterest. Well, it certainly could have been said by Feldenkrais as well. They were certainly on to similar ideas...

FM Alexander: Muscular Tension and Mind
FM Alexander: Muscular Tension and Mind

And Moshe Feldenkrais in a similar vein:

"There is little doubt in my mind that the motor function, and perhaps the muscles themselves, are part and parcel of our higher functions. This is not true only of those higher functions like singing, painting and loving, which are impossible without muscular activity, but also of thinking, recalling, remembering and feeling." - From the article "Mind And Body, Moshe Feldenkrais, 1980.

Cheers to both men!

By the way...the highest ranked page on Google of Moshe Feldenkrais quotes can be found on the blog that I created many years ago while a grad student. I first published the post in 2007: Some Feldenkrais Quotes.


  1. I love your quotes page, but can I just say how useful it is when a quote is mentioned to have the source reference as well? One of my trainers – I cannot remember which – told us that Feldenkrais once said “All lessons are lessons for the voice” – a great quote for a practitioner who specialises in voice work, but can I find it anywhere?- no I can’t! There is a page on FaceBook for MF quotes, would like to add this one – and of course thanks for all your ongoing input.

  2. I have been discussing movement therapy with a group of musicians who have been diagnoised with Focal Dystonia. I don’t know why I haven’t invited them to Todd’s blog before, but this one nails what they have been dealing with. They seem to have had some great results from Feldenkrais Therapy.

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