Post-Feldenkrais Trampoline Sessions?

Some of the more notable changes that I have had in my Feldenkrais journeys have been unplanned and unexpected and have occured while doing unplanned and unexpected movements. For example, several years ago I started doing interval training (jumping rope) with a large, ugly, heavy piece of nautical rope. And in the process of jumping as fast as I could for brief periods, something shifted around my lower spine and pelvis. "Something" shifted? Yes, I do not know what exactly. But my center of gravity changed and it is different to this day. And it was a good change, one that made my movement more efficient and powerful.

Early last week I had a similar experience. I spent an hour going crazy and generally acting like a child at a large indoor trampoline park. As you may be able to see from the picture above, you can not only jump on a trampoline there, but you can jump from one trampoline to another and, yes, you can even bounce off the walls! These and the other activities at the park gave me some very non-habitual movements and some gentle and unique stresses on myself that reverberated for days. I feel more present, more alive and my more connected to my physical sensations as I move.

So...consider this your Feldenkrais tip of the week. Add something unique to your activities - whatever fits for you and your lifestyle - and see what Feldenkrais changes it can help you integrate into your life.

"We do a big mixture, we don't want any routine for the human brain, so that when it does start a routine it is the best thing it can do, and it is open to revision with any change in circumstances in order to make life easier" - Feldenkrais at the Esalen Workshop