Mia Segal Podcasts (Re-Post) Feldenkrais Podcast

Feldenkrais Podcast with Mia Segal and Ryan Nagy

Note: I am re-posting these now as the files on my former blog were deleted accidentally. If you posted the podcasts on your site. Please update them with the links below. My apologies for the hassle. - Ryan

The two conversations below with Mia Segal and her daughter Leora Gaster were recorded on April 14 -15 2010, at Leora's home in Austin, Texas. Mia Segal began working with Moshe Feldenkrais in 1957 and she has a rich history and understanding of Feldenkrais and his work that few can match.

For me this conversation has many "firsts" embedded within it. It was the first time that I had recorded a podcast live, the first time I had met Mia, and the first time I had been back to Texas after spending quite bit of time there in my youth. Likewise, there are many stories and anecdotes that I heard for the first time. Perhaps you as well?


This conversation almost didn't happen. Both Mia and Leora felt we had covered a lot of ground during our previous conversations and weren't quite sure what else needed to be said. However, the message that they sent to me cancelling our meeting did not arrive. So Leora graciously agreed to talk me when I arrived. The conversation is only about 20 minutes. But in it we cover a great deal of ground. Mia shares stories about Moshe, how fun he was and how full of laughter and jokes. We talk briefly about Moshe's x-wife Yona Rubenstein. We also speak of Noah Eshkol who, according to Mia, was very close to Moshe in terms of personality. We end with a story of Moshe's fears about the work getting diluted based on what was happening at Amherst after he left.