feldenkrais “post quarantine” (rethinking many things)

Getting coffee but drivethru only! We had to stay in the Jeep

Update July 4th, 2020. My online Feldenkrais "business" has stayed strong. People are still purchasing Feldenkrais sessions for download. People still need the work and are willing to pay for it.

Even so, Feldenkrais "post quarantine" is going to involve a deep change in how practitioners talk to people about the work and in how they reach people. Most practitioners have lost the ability to do in-person sessions and live workshops. This loss of income and practice could last for many months.

When the economy opens up again - let's hope it opens up 2020 - people's habits are likely going to be different. Many are likely to have residual fears. Many will be dealing with a continued loss of income and a hesitation to spend money.

That means Feldenkrais practitioners will have to adapt the language they use to explain the benefits of their work. Stay tuned here for updates on this process of change and how to manage.

June 11th, 2020. We are slowly emerging from quarantine here in Yucatan. I must admit that I was completely surprised and humbled by the deeply isolating effects of the coronavirus "quarantine." As a person who spends, a great deal of time alone and reading and writing and doing Feldenkrais, I thought I would be fine. But my body and mind were more dis-regulated than I expected. I fell into a depressive state a few times over the last couple of months.

Yes, I did Feldenkrais sessions, meditated, and got plenty of sunshine when walking my dogs. Yes, I spent time with my girlfriend.

But it was not enough.

It has only been the last few days that I feel like I have recovered my equilibrium. I have had the pleasure of leaving the house and doing "normal" activities such as having coffee at a coffee shop and bumping into friends and acquaintances on the street. I took a nice long bike ride. Even saying hello to the returning construction workers and mall workers has made a positive difference.

Which makes me wonder, "what comes next?"

Even without the threat of the coronavirus and lockdown, I am rethinking how to approach the coming months and years. I need and want more intellectual and social stimulation. And I am wondering about the possibility of a return to teaching. Not necessarily returning to teach live Feldenkrais classes but to university teaching. And though many people are deciding to leave big cities such as New York and Chicago in the United States. I am considering going back to city life, at least on a part-time basis. I miss the food, culture, and "random" encounters one gets in a big city.

Are you thinking about your next steps yet or is it too soon? I am guessing that many folks are still in some type of lockdown and quarantine. Our plans are being pushed forward a bit as we have to give up the house we are living in and will have to move soon.

Will keep you posted on what happens next. Would love to hear what you are up to if you want to leave a comment below.