How many total strangers care about you?

How many people are thinking about you right now? How many people care about you? No, I'm not talking about your mother or family. No, not your coworkers or employees.

I'm talking about the multitude of people who have never met you, but by all rights should love you.

Seriously. Why don't more strangers like you? Why aren't they on your website right now, reading your thoughts? Why aren't they telling their friends about you and sending your URL to other people? hmm?

You might think that I'm kidding. I'm not.

You are one hell of an interesting person and you have a story to tell. So does your business. A story that people want to hear. A story that could be spreading virally all over the internet right now. If not to hundreds of thousands and millions of people, at least to a few thousand. If you could get out a message, right now, to 1000 key people in your industry, what would it be worth to you? To your business? If people visited your website and came back on a regular basis just to read your thoughts, what would that be worth to you?

If you don't know, then maybe it's time to find out. The price of inaction in the online world is getting larger each day. Attention spans are getting shorter and other people's ideas are crowding yours out.

Blogging is not a fad. Podcasting is not a fad. Putting your words, your voice, your picture on websites all over the world? That's not a fad either. It's smart business. It's making a difference and a contribution. Creating a community, becoming a leader of your tribe, connecting with people all over the world...this is good.

And now is an excellent time to start.