RyanNagy.com: A Major Change of Focus and Topic

This website is about to have a major change in topic, focus and design. For the last five or six years I have used this space to blog about WordPress, search engine optimization, landing page optimization and other topics related to internet marketing. However all of my business projects now are either in-house, on websites that I own such as this one: Feldenkrais Mp3's or with friends and business partners where each of us have ownership interests. One example of the later is the highly-succesfull online conference on the work of Milton Erickson that I am pulling together with my good friend Rob McNeilly of Australia. Rob runs the The Milton H Erickson Institute of Tasmania. The bottom line is that I am no longer soliciting outside business and only work on projects that I dream up on my own or with my friends and colleagues.

Just thought to give you fair-warning if you would like to unsubscribe. I will likely be blogging about many different topics here such as the work of Moshe Feldenkrais, Milton H. Erickson and other thinkers that I find interesting. I may start podcasting again (on what? I don't know). I may start writing articles about hypnosis and research related to hypnosis...or who knows, I may start writing political articles and blogging about my expat life in Mexico.

Only time will tell.

If this does not interest you (and I'm not expecting it will) feel free to click that little "unsubscribe" notice on any emails that you get from me.

I hope you are doing really well out there!

- Ryan C. Nagy, MA

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  1. Hi Ryan – Just read the heads up (talling about timely…) how lucky that I started following here because of the Feldenkrais 😉

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