1. Hey Ryan, I think the subscription idea is a fantastic one. Good habits take effort to maintain, and any help is welcome.

  2. Thanks Paul. Exciting to see that there are folks at there who want something like this. We’ll see who else responds. cheers! – Ryan

  3. Thanks! I am not certain just yet. The lower I make it, the more people will sign up (I should think). But I have not yet come up with a number. I will keep you posted.


  4. It’s good to see that you are active and pushing forward with new ideas on a fairly consistent basis. You are a thinking doer.
    I assume you know there are two websites that offer free ATMs – openatm.org and flowing body.com, respectively?

  5. sure sounds like a tool I would use.
    Would you also recommend purchasing the original materials as companions?

  6. Ryan, this is a great Idea. This is a very good low level entrance. I am preparing some similar project here, but more local. Also to lead to habits, but mainly because people in my region speak a local dialect (mainly elder people) and often don’t understand the official german when concentrated on listening and doing an atm. So I am speaking the atm’s in dialect. The atm’s are mainly from Moshe (Quest Workshop), Eli Wadler, Mia Segal and Gaby Yaron. But not Alexander Yanai, these are too sporty for average people. Will come out beginning summer one after one.
    Have a good time

  7. Good idea Ryan, any questions have been asked above. At this point in time affordability is pretty crucial. Appreciate all the time you give to the feldy community in different ways, cheers.

  8. Thanks Robbie! Good to see that you are still reading my blog from time-to-time. I am aware of OpenATM and use it regularly. I was not aware of flowing body, will check it out ASAP.

    What I am proposing here is a little bit different as it will include some coaching calls and structure. And I have found charging makes people more likely to follow through and do sessions on a regular basis.

    Though as they use to say in the army, “Let’s run it up the flag pole and see if anyone gives it a salut!”


  9. Much appreciated. I think doing the sessions in the local dialect is a fantastic idea. It should really help people be
    comfortable and focus on their own process.

    On a related note, I speak Spanish now and learn and re-learn ideas from other fields (mainly psychology) and I find that I learn them differently and somehow deeper in my second language.
    It is almost as if the concepts reach different parts of my brain or get connected differently to what
    I already know

    Thanks for the feedback



  10. Hi Kathy,

    I really like having the original transcripts to play with. But of course, it is not necessary. I guess it will be a matter of personal choice and access.

    I will do my best to also put up my own transcripts. Though that also depends on how many people sign-up as making transcripts can be pricy.



  11. thanks Ryan… we are in Mérida (generally suspicious of videos), would like to meet you personally, AND we think what you are talking about is a good idea!

  12. I think there is a value in this.
    Will I pay. Yes.
    How much? I am a social worker starting a Feldenkrais practice, so not much.
    Would I refer people to it. Yes.

  13. Hi Gillian. Thanks for the feedback. I have not set a cost yet, but I am working towards it. Right now I am editng and recording Feldenkrais sessions for publication. More info coming soon. Thanks for the offer to refer people to it, that is very important as I will not be able to reach everyone on my own.



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